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TV: HBO’s The Leftovers, S01E03 Review (with spoilers duh)

Hmm … well episode 3 didn’t touch me as much.  Okay – so dude got spoken to by god, went to a casino, and had a bit of a flashbacky montagy thing.   242 more words

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TV: HBO’s The Leftovers, S01E02 Review (with spoilers duh)

Ooh — good second episode.  The music helped (again!).  The ending was excellent.  Pounding away at the tree, with a clear sense of emancipation and “let’s get this the fuck overwith”ness.   240 more words

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The Leftovers: “B.J. and the A.C.” Review


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Things were back to “normal” this week on The Leftovers as we got back to a more traditional, multi-character episode following on from that little detour into Matt Jamison’s tortured life. 918 more words

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TV: HBO's The Leftovers, S01E01 Review (with spoilers duh)

Huh.  So that happened.  We have a lot of Phil Glass in odd places, providing emotional underscoring (literally) for a lot of otherwise not that emotional situations.   211 more words

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The Strain S01E02: The Box Review

Director(s): David Semel
David Weddle, Bradley Thompson

Be Warned; Major Spoilers!

The Plot in 3 Sentences or Less: As Eph and Nora race to unravel the mystery behind the deaths of the passengers on the plane, the four surviving passengers are released from quarantine. 533 more words


Halt and Catch Fire: "Giant" Review


Note: The following review goes into detail about the episode. SPOILER ALERT!

Halt and Catch Fire lacked impact this week and instead went for the convoluted episode that was “Giant.” This episode scrambled its direction and just had too much going on for even a focused mind to enjoy. 873 more words

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Married to Medicine – Season 2 Episode 16 (Reunion Part 2) Review

In discussing the fight, Toya said she lunged at Simone to hug her not hit her. Who does that while arguing/fighting unless you are a professional fighter or boxer? 108 more words

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