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A Saturday to Get Some Work Done

Between some errands/chores, like wiping down the dashboard in my car, light yardwork, and getting a meal, this is a day for writing. I’m inspired to keep working and progressing towards something better for myself. 283 more words


So Yesterday

So yesterday was a busy day with me trying to get a lot of things done, and tending to some family biz. Was so glad to be off my feet, and ultimately felt like I needed to lay down. 242 more words


A Prologue in Pieces

Last night, I almost stayed up and watched a cheesy action film from the early 90s called, Street Knight. If it wasn’t so late, I may have watched it, however that was not meant to be. 145 more words

A Brother Will Work It Out

Slow Start

This is a day I need to write. As I told a friend, I need to work smarter and harder at my craft. This mean working on the TV spec pilot. 125 more words