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Agents of SHIELD: A Hen in the Wolf House Recap

Here we are back for another exciting episode of SHIELD, last week Coulson and May went under cover for to get a painting only to find out that Hydra has an really awesome face changing device.   1,184 more words

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The Flash: Things You Can't Outrun recap

We are back again for another exciting episode of The Flash, last week Barry had to accept that he really is the only person who can take on the metahumans but he also had to learn that speed alone will not be enough.   1,186 more words

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Sleepy Hollow: The Weeping Lady Recap

Here was are again at another new episode, last weeks was rather interested take on the Pied Piper tale. 1,532 more words

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Gotham: Viper Recap

Here we are at another exciting episode, what happened last week was a killer was hired to kill some of the politicians of Gotham, Barabara left Gordon, and Akrham will become an asylum, waste dump, and housing.   1,409 more words

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The Walking Dead Season 5: Strangers Review

The scene that has got a lot of people talking about will go down as one of the most shocking scenes ever shown on TV. We have seen the ‘Long Term Parking’ episode from The Sopranos, ‘The Red Wedding’ from Game of Thrones but The Walking Dead last Sunday took us again to a very dark place leading off from the season premiere. 789 more words

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TV series review #2: Breaking Bad (Season 1)

Title: Breaking Bad (IMDb)
Created by: Vince Gilligan
Seasons/Episodes: Season 1, 7 Episodes
Directed by: Vince Gilligan (Ep. 1), Adam Bernstein (Ep. 759 more words

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Doctor Who SO8EO9 "Flatline" - Gog's TV Review

Continuing its string of strong episodes, Flatline is another classic Doctor Who story. New writer Jamie Mathieson has had two brilliant episodes this series, and I do hope he has at least three episodes next series, hopefully at least one two-parter too. 285 more words