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Doctor Who SE8EO5 "Time Heist" - Gog's TV Review

Director: Douglas Mackinnon

Writers: Stephen Thompson, Steven Moffat

Gog’s Review:

After a meandering season so far, Time Heist has managed to continue the good work after Listen, and from the looks of the next time trailer, this looks to continue even further. 332 more words

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TV Show Review: Tour of Duty

Imagine, running out of shows to review. It won’t be long before I have a mad rush of options with the upcoming fall schedule. Until then, I’ll be pulling out some blasts from the past. 142 more words


A Sashurai’s Review: Sons of Anarchy - Season 7x02 (Formidable Jax and the Sons lay their foundation)

Wrapping up the second week means more mayhem, murder, and meticulous planning as Jax and Samcro carefully plan their revenge against Lin and his crew. Tara’s murder echoes throughout this episode’s (Toil and Till) while Gemma uncovers Wayne’s involvement as a consulting investigator for Charming’s new Sheriff. 1,528 more words


Fate/Zero Review

The Fate franchise has always been one of the more intense series. Fate Stay Night is probably the only anime that I’ve seen that I would consider to be part horror. 8,403 more words


Let's Watch Some Cartoons! #2, #71, and #87

#2- The SImpsons

One of the (if not THE) longest-running cartoons that has as many seasons as I have candles on my birthday cake. By having guest appearances from people who are in the news/famous/entertaining, they stay current and amusing. 356 more words

TV Show Reviews

TV Show Review: Southland

A show that just kept giving, week in and week out, until it didn’t.

It always amazes me how often they get it wrong. Who kills off the best show on tv? 78 more words


TV Show Review: Z Nation

I had my doubts for this show when I saw the trailer the other day. But, I grabbed it, nonetheless, and then had about 30 minutes to kill this morning before opening up the shop. 103 more words