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The Evil Dead TV Show

I read an article on Rolling Stone today that says this perfect horror classic is coming to the small screen and the rumor is that  Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are both involved. 28 more words

Zombie Hunters

Learning the science of passion with Masters of Sex

Its the mid-1950s and sex education hadn’t advanced much since the previous century. Puritanism still reigns supreme, sex is largely a taboo subject and clitoris haven’t been discovered yet (kidding, but it’s not far from the truth). 533 more words


Halt and Catch Fire

This series is airs on AMC and it is about a small company in the early 80’s trying to get a foothold in the personal computer industry, when the computer revolution is just really starting. 280 more words

T.V. Shows

The Leftovers S1E5

It always warms my heart when the first thing I hear/read is “Fuck you, you fucking cunts!” Music to my ears.

What puzzles me still about the show is why don’t they arrest or at least fine the people in white? 557 more words


Person Of Interest

Premiered in 2011, already in its fourth season which will debut on Tuesday, Sept 23, 2014, it is a great TV show that’s sure to keep your interest for a very long time. 1,046 more words


Lea on Sons of Anarchy

I I’m so happy, I just find out that Lea Michele is going to be in the tv show Sons of Anarchy, I can’t wait to watch it. 28 more words




Does anyone else think that the song during the opening credits of “Finding Carter” sounds a lot like that of the song from “Orange is the New Black?”  Each time I watch “Finding Carter,” I am eerily reminded of “Orange is the New Black.”  It causes me to wonder if the creators picked “Vagabond” by Misterwives on purpose because they knew it resembled that of “You’ve Got Time” by Regina Spektor.   223 more words