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Jack Nicholson vs. Heath Ledger: Who's the better Joker

One of the questions I ask myself sometimes is who was the better Joker in the Batman movies, Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger? Many people don’t even know that Jack Nicholson played the Joker. 243 more words

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Lawless: An Accurate Portrayl of Prohibition

One of my favorite movies of all time has to be “Lawless,” starring Shia Labeouf and Tom Hardy. Lawless is a movie based on a true story of a moonshining conspiracy in Franklin County, Virginia, dated around the late 1920s early 1930s. 453 more words

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The Walking Dead: Humans are more Dangerous than Zombies?

Everyone’s favorite show, “The Walking Dead,” is a popular TV show that is about the Zombie Apocalypse. It starts out with a character named Rick Grimes, who is a sheriff of Lincoln County located in Georgia. 498 more words

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