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TV Scribbles!

I’ve finally done it: an entire new blog dedicated solely to TV reviews.

I will be covering a whole lot of TV shows this season, and to cram them all into this blog (along with the usual random stuff I seem to write about) would be, well, messy. 115 more words

TV Shows Reviews

10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

This season is full of addicting, visually stunning, psychologically compelling and hauntingly complex TV shows. Here’s a list of 10 shows that I can’t get enough of this year. 935 more words

TV Shows Reviews

#GreysAnatomy S11E05 Recap: Is the Happy Era of #CalZona Going to be Over?

#TGIT, Thank God It’s Thursday! Which means three major Primetime shows from #SHONDAland. Here comes the first row!

SPOILERS ALERT: STAY AWAY from this article if you haven’t caught up on the latest episode of America’s no #1 medical drama #GreysAnatomy S11E05, aired Oct 23, 2014. 812 more words


#Arrow S03E03 Recap: Oliver Brings Thea Home in "Corto Maltese"

SPOILERS ALERT: LOOK AWAY from this feature if you haven’t seen the latest episode of CW’s #Arrow, aired Oct 22, 2014. Everyone else, let’s hit the fuss below! 756 more words


#AHSFreakShow (Halloween Part 1) Recap: It's All About Truth or Scare!

WARNING: Don’t read this if you haven’t caught up on the latest installment of FX’ hit show #AmericanHorrorStory-Freak Show, aired Oct 22, 2014. For those who have, keep going! 1,186 more words


#SonsOfAnarchy "Greensleeves" Review: The Most Gruesome Episode Yet!

WARNING: STOP reading this if you haven’t seen the latest episode of FX’s #SonsOfAnarchy “Greensleeves” aired Oct 21, 2014. Everyone else, let’s keep digging and fussing around, shall we? 1,370 more words


#Castle S07E04 Recap: Schoolhouse Kind of Rocked in "Child's Play"

SPOILERS ALERT: LOOK AWAY if you haven’t seen the latest installment of ABC’s #Castle S07E04 with episode entitled “Child’s Play”, aired Monday Oct 20, 2014. Everyone else, keep digging! 635 more words