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Teen wolf 4x09 Recap and My thoughts.

        Wow. This episode was an amazing action filled 45 minutes. The ending especially left you at a cliffhanger. Lets talk about the most surprising thing that happened at the end of the episode. 556 more words

Meredith Walker

American Horror Story Freakshow Teaser

American Horror story is one of those shows that’s truly a little creepy and delivers a great story every time around, that’s sure to grab its viewers. 109 more words


Julia's Pawn Attempt

Barely Legal Pawn-Promo Video

I’m not going to say what this video is for or that it promotes something. It’s just much better to watch thinking it’s something   93 more words


Sailor Moon Crystal's Masquerade Ball! Episode 4 Overview w/Thoughts

Sailor Moon Crystal‘s “Act 4 MASQUERADE DANCE PARTY” has Usagi, Ami and Rei together to find out who could be the missing princess of the Moon kingdom.  850 more words

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Sailor Mars' Debut - Act 3 Overview/Thoughts

Sailor Moon Crystal‘s  “Act 3. REI – SAILOR MARS” brings a new addition to the team, Rei Hino as the 3rd guardian Sailor Mars.  Sailor Mars’ introduction to the roster of heroines has her as someone with an inner burning desire to help those in need.  559 more words

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So let's start.

This is not a blog with extravagant words or references to important people in your history book. I will be talking about some things related to friends, social life, “anti-social” life, famous stars, TV shows, moods, astronomy, boys, our body and more stuff like this; so if your age finishes with “teen” I can assure you, you’ll be related to this blog, if you’re older… you’ve been there, perhaps I’ll get you to smile or something? 8 more words