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Once Upon a Time 4/20

Once Upon a Time is getting more intense with each and every episode.

First of all, is anyone else having such a hard time with looking at the green that the Wicked Witch is? 218 more words


MLS, TV Contracts, Money, and Soccer Generally

When members of the extended Byron clan visit with their children, soccer viewing and discussion is the background for much of the visit.

Last week, we pretty much agreed that MLS is an improving league, still inferior to the Mexican Liga MX (see results from the international club competitions). 196 more words

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The Top 50 Episodes of Stargate SG-1 (Part 2)

Continuing from a previous post

Credit Sequences Seasons 6 through 10

#25. “Revelations” from Season Six

SG-1 assists Heimdall after Anubis captures Thor. 534 more words

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The world has changed...(Walking Dead)

The world has most certainly changed in the stories of Walking Dead.  The world started as our own.  There was crime, arguments about leaving light switches on, people were stressed out about work and their relationships were struggling.   408 more words

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Once Upon a Time- S3E18- Bleeding Through- (Spoilers)

The pieces have finally started to come together for Zelena’s plot and we finally have a better idea of what her ultimate plan is. First I will have to admit I completely missed when she said she had Rumple’s brain. 2,188 more words


The Crimson Field: Are rebellious female characters too predictable?

Channel: BBC One

I am, I admit, obsessed with The Crimson Field, the BBC’s new WWI drama series, focuses on the experiences of female nurses in a field hospital in France. 842 more words


Fairy Tales Are Real!

No matter where you grow up you you learn about Fairy Tales. You learn about Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. You get to learn about their world and characters and then you grow up thinking they are just story’s. 411 more words

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