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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premiere Review

Once Upon a Time S04E01: “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Sweet Lord, Once Upon a Time is back for Season 4 and already busy doing what it does best: co-opting the goodwill of Disney movies it had nothing to do with and needlessly complicating an already incomprehensible timeline. 2,660 more words

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The Good Wife S06E02 'Trust Issues' Review

The Good Wife S06E02: “Trust Issues”

This episode had me feeling rather stressed. Even at the end, with Cary out of jail on bail, there were so many different forces breathing down everyone’s necks that I’m waiting, just waiting, for everything to come to a head, and we’re only two episodes into the season. 1,373 more words

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Gotham S01E02 'Selina Kyle' Review

Gotham S01E02: “Selina Kyle”

Okay, fine, Gotham is completely batty—pun partially intended. “Selina Kyle” got to the meat of what the show has to offer and spent a little more time with Bruce Wayne’s secret admirer/creepy stalker, who didn’t have much to do in the pilot outside of slinking around like a cat. 1,088 more words

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Sleepy Hollow S02E02 'The Kindred' Review

Sleepy Hollow S02E02: “The Kindred”

Earlier this year at the PaleyFest panel celebrating the crazy awesome success of Sleepy Hollow‘s first season, the show’s producers hinted at a new weapon that Ichabod and Abbie would use to fight the Horseman in Season 2, and this week, we met that weapon. 1,552 more words

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