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#GreysAnatomy S11E05 Recap: Is the Happy Era of #CalZona Going to be Over?

#TGIT, Thank God It’s Thursday! Which means three major Primetime shows from #SHONDAland. Here comes the first row!

SPOILERS ALERT: STAY AWAY from this article if you haven’t caught up on the latest episode of America’s no #1 medical drama #GreysAnatomy S11E05, aired Oct 23, 2014. 812 more words


"Angel" (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 1)

Season 1 was a rough season for Buffy, it had its duds.  However, it also had episodes like Angel.  Throughout the series, there has been this mysterious man in the shadows who would come and tell Buffy that there was danger and then disappear.   807 more words

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#TheVampireDiaries S06E04 Recap: Stefan and Elena are ENGAGED ... Sort of!

#Stelena got engaged, SAY WHAT!!!??? :)

WARNING: DO NOT read this if you don’t want to find out any major spoilers from the latest episode of CW’s #TheVampireDiaries, aired Oct 23, 2014. 637 more words


Shailene Woodley Plays Craig Ferguson's Therapist and Reveals Her Biggest Fear

Shailene Woodley: box office superstar, respected actress, and … therapist? It’s true, the 22-year-old star can now add another credit to her already-impressive resume. The… 153 more words


"The Pack" (Buffy, season 1)

As I have said in the past, season 1 of Buffy has a number of duds for its episodes.  The Pack is very much included in that list of episodes. 594 more words

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Rainbow Skies: First Gameplay Trailer Revealed

It seems that many of you have been enjoying the opportunity to check out Rainbow Moon, which is currently part of the Instant Game Collection. 4,088 more words


Taylor Swift Explains How One of Her New Songs Is About Lena Dunham's Relationship

If you could have anyone write a song about your love life, it would have to be Taylor Swift, right? Well, that’s definitely the case for the Grammy-winning singer’s good pal, … 213 more words