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James Garner

Maverick (the original TV show, not the movie).  Move Over, Darling.  The Great Escape.  Murphy’s Romance.  Victor/Victoria.  What do these things have in common?  The wonderful and talented James Garner.   237 more words


The art of never letting go--

Sailor Moon is literally just everything to me.

I remember watching the show a lot with my brother when we were little.  It only seemed to air at my grandma’s on WB4Kids or something at the time.  735 more words


Some Favorite Music from Animated Films/Shows

One of the ways in which storytellers who write animated films or TV shows hook young viewers (or those viewers who are young at heart) into their stories is with some catchy music. 463 more words

Music Reviews

Scooby Dooby Doo!

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been watching way too much Scooby Doo lately.  Boomerang, the channel where old Hanna-Barbera and Cartoon Network shows go to be endlessly rerun, has been playing the most recent weekly incarnation of the Mystery, Inc. 361 more words


Morning Mixtape: Aimee Mann and Ted Leo sing TV themes

Aimee Mann is one of my favorite recording artists. She formed a duet with Ted Leo after the pair jammed with one another a couple times. 38 more words

Popular Culture

As Seen on TV: "Josie and the Pussycats"

I’ve been a little heavy lately, so I thought I’d lighten things up a bit.  I’ve also been kind of anti-social.  There’s several blogs I regularly read and comment on, but I haven’t been for several days.   273 more words


As Seen on TV: Ann B. Davis

Everyone’s favorite housekeeper has passed away at 88.  Alice was the heart of the Brady household, and Ann B. Davis played her with a lot more skill than most people give her credit for.   30 more words