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American TV shows might look more diverse, but their writers aren't

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming fall TV season in the US being the most diverse one in terms of casting, from ABC’s new show… 623 more words


Okay, just finished Hannibal Season One.

My name is Jeremy, these are my Hannibal credentials: I read Red Dragon and Silence before the movie was made. 331 more words

The Leftovers: “Two Boats and a Helicopter”

The title of this episode, “Two Boats and a Helicopter,” is likely a reference to the old joke. When a life-threatening flood appears, a man refuses the aid of two separate boaters and someone in a helicopter. 854 more words


The Leftovers: "Penguin One, Us Zero"

It’s safe to say that The Leftovers is two for two on intense ways of opening an episode as “Penguin One, Us Zero” begins with a man and woman going over what they know of “Wayne Gilchrest,” the man with the power to “unburden” you. 984 more words


Curso Intensivo de escrita para TV em RJ (Columbia University e Riofilme)

Criado a partir do TV Writing Intensive, oferecido como Curso de Verão (Summer Course) na Columbia University, o programa consiste na fixação de conceitos básicos e práticos para a elaboração de uma logline. 55 more words

Josefina Trotta

The Leftovers: “Pilot”

“I summarized The Stranger a long time ago, with a remark I admit was highly paradoxical: ‘In our society any man who does not weep at his mother’s funeral runs the risk of being sentenced to death.’ I only meant that the hero of my book is condemned because he does not play the game.”

909 more words


I got to know a very cool classmate over the past week and a few days ago she told me about her Spec-a-Week project.

See, it’s not enough that she just graduated or that I just finished a grueling year and am now working full time. 349 more words