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Subconscious Writing and the Script

Having a little experience with the American and British film industry, it strikes me that perhaps an area that could greatly benefit from subconscious writing might be film and television script writing. 474 more words

Subconscious Writing

Tales from the Writers' Room: Part Two

So, we are getting ready to shoot my second “Bones” episode. As I mentioned before, seeing something I’ve written turn into an actual thing is one of my favorite parts of the process, even when it’s only trash. 100 more words


#Empire shows how a cast can elevate a script in its pilot. All heil Taraji P. Henson!

I cried in the pilot of “Empire.” Sure it’s great if a script gets you with its cleverness or wit, but the true test is Did it make you Laugh or Cry or the Holy Grail, Laugh and Cry? 684 more words


Adventures in Speccing & The Trouble with Choice

I don’t really do New Years Resolutions, but I’d love to finish something I write this year. My first challenge? Finishing a spec script. Tis the season for TV writing fellowship submission deadlines and I think I am going to take a crack at  803 more words


Episode Ideas : Workaholics

Workaholics is my show on a pedestal. I would LOVE to be working with those glorious comedic geniuses. Here are a few ideas for episodes! 372 more words


Episode Ideas: The Big Bang Theory

Big Bang got renewed for three more seasons so if they’re looking for a new writer, I’m here for them!

“The Magic School Bus Conundrum” : The guys are up early one Saturday morning watching ‘The Magic School Bus’ reruns from their childhood. 713 more words