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Doctor Who: The Doctor visits the Moon but he's been there many times before

This Saturday sees Doctor Who take a trip to the Moon in the terrific episode, Kill The Moon. But this is not the first time our favourite Gallifreyan has taken a trip to the Earth’s oldest satellite, here are some of those moments. 440 more words


Wentworth S2 E5: My Thoughts

Bea’s latest scheme became clear this week. She’s gonna manipulate Simmo into turning against the Holts and it seemed to work for the most part. Throughout the ep Bea just kept dripping the poison adding to Simmo’s unease about her daughter working for Brayden and having her holiday to Thailand paid for by the Holts, which to be fair is quite dodgy, Simmo however resisted at first stating her daughter isn’t as dumb as Debbie (who was quite dumb) but then Bea put the icing on the cake by getting that blond corrupt warden to tell Simmo she sae her daughter and Brayden together outside. 418 more words