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TV Show Review: Bachelor Canada - Season 2

I am a relatively new Bachelor fan. I became a fan of the show during the Juan Pablo season in the US, where Juan Pablo was so weird/crazy, and managed to creep out several girls into leaving the show early, that it was really compelling reality TV.  1,343 more words


IDW looks back to the origin of The X-Files in “Year Zero”


Writer Karl Kesel has crafted both a great Mulder and Scully tale and a film noir mystery in this year’s five-issue limited series, The X-Files Year Zero, 264 more words

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Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser Trailer "The Sight"

The phrase ‘The Sight‘ and the Three-Eyed Raven are more commonly associated with Bran Stark‘s storyline, as Arya’s younger brother has been dreaming about or chasing the mysterious bird virtually since the series began. 248 more words


Thanksgiving Specials

Another holiday means another set of sitcom specials! Let’s take a look at some episodes that have been received as the cream of the cornucopia. 227 more words


Thanksgiving Shows!

All year round we pass through many holidays. And each year we see a few of our favorite shows come up with a festively themed episode for the holiday, such as thanksgiving! 401 more words

Cartoon Network

My latest Toy, Ultra high-def Samsung

Like many I jumped on that sale of the UHD Samsung 6950 series LED. This TV was $1700 and went on sale Sunday for $799.  Now we know that that this TV has higher resolution than HD. 389 more words