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Watch Bill O'Reilly And David Letterman Take A Compatibility Test

Much like in the same way that Bill Burr hates women, I think Bill O’Reilly hates race cars. Can’t stand them, wants nothing to do with them, wishes we were still riding on horseback all over the place. 99 more words


31 Days of Horror 2014 - Day 1

It’s that time of the year again.  A time when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead begins to weaken and thin.  451 more words

Jacks Attic

Welcome to the Land of Passive Aggressiva.

We women are huge assholes.

Men are assholes too, obviously, but at least (most of the time) they realize they’re being assholes. You have to respect that level of self-awareness. 446 more words


'Criminal Minds' Season 10 Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Tonight was the season 10 premiere of Criminal Minds, titled “X”. Read on for the top 5 best spoilers from tonight’s episode below.

1. Agent Kate Callahan Joins the Team… 464 more words


Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Knock Knock (Official Video) - Music Video on 14 Screens

Idea/Direction: Brunettes Shoot Blondes
Animation: SYT-X
DOP: Kirill Svetashov


Watch: Video Hilariously Shows If “The Floor Is Lava” Became Reality

This sketch, written by Alan Starzinski and John Timothy for College Humor 2, takes the childhood game of pretending the floor was lava and blends it perfectly with every apocalypse movie trope ever conceived. 34 more words