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In Shocking News, Kat Dennings Admits She Was A Goth Kid Growing Up

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Look I suppose 2 Broke Girls is still on the air or something. That’s why Kat Dennings is on Conan dressed like a Saudi housewife while dropping revelations about her past left and right. 161 more words


THE WALKING DEAD: Harvey & Adair Talk To "Strangers"

Season 5, Episode 2 “Strangers”

Timothy: So, I see we’re wearing pants tonight.

Dustin: I wear pants most nights. As far as you know.

Timothy: Yeah, I am so not touching that line. 3,339 more words


'The 100' 2x02 Promo: 'Inclement Weather'

Here’s the trailer for next week’s all-new episode of The 100, titled “Inclement Weather.”

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine - "48 Hours"

When arriving on scene of a robbed jewelry store, Jake speculates the doing of newly release thief Dustin Whitman, which leads to arrest of Whitman without any actual evidence. 161 more words

‘Chicago PD’ 2x5 Recap - The unit come together to find the ones that hurt one of their own

In the last episode, the police department investigate a Politician’s missing daughter and quickly see that there is more to the story then on the surface. 674 more words


Report: Two Shows That Started Darker Than You Would Think

Today, it seems that most television shows try to be as dark or even darker than real life. Grittiness is in. But there are also those shows that were light hearted and fun, ones that always left you feeling happier than when you started. 621 more words