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14K Yellow Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings 1/3ct tw.

1/3ct Diamond Stud Earrings set in 14K Gold feature round brilliant diamonds. The diamonds are I2-I3 and J-K in color.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Defying the Prediction

Earlier this evening, I talked to my mother about my grandmother and her relationship with food. She used to be anorexic, only letting herself consume 600 calories a day. 340 more words

why i'm "anti-school"

tw: racism, ableism

Anonymous asked:

I’m really sorry if a lot of people people have asked you this before, but why are you anti-school? Also, what exactly do you mean by that?

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wiggle room

tw: cis/heteronormativity

my parents were just contemplating the nature of america and how it’s changed since they were kids. and one thing my mom said caught me: “people are more tolerant of other ways of living, ways of being… ways of being families” and it was pretty clear she was talking about lgbt tolerance  109 more words

objective history

tw: racism

disclaimer: I’m white. I’m not trying to pass any authoritative statement on racist histories, just sort of rambling about my own experience. If I overstep, please let me know. 363 more words

adult is a privilege

tw: child murder, ableism, racism, child trafficking, cis/heteronormativity

re: “‘adult’ is not a privilege”

“Adult” is a privilege, which exactly why I use the term “adultism.” Adulthood is a construct designed to protect abusive power. 709 more words

let's check ourselves

tw: slavery, racism, ableism

Too many people call the adult/youth power dynamic “slavery”. To compare adultism to racism invalidates the historical and present struggles of Black youth and generally shows an ignorance of what slavery actually was. 62 more words