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British Forces Repel Insurgents with 720 No Scope.

SAS describes successful operation as “well sick”.

British Forces operating in Mankganistan successfully repelled rebel forces using special techniques developed by the SAS. Staff Sgt Price describes the manoeuvre as “Jumping from a two story building while spinning, and firing a rifle wildly into the distance”. 157 more words

Nues (shit News)

Justin Bieber's Neighbors Want To Citizen's Arrest Him Out Of The Building

In case you were wondering — as I’m sure you’re all just on the edge of your seats to find out what Justin Bieber’s next great act of sh*theelery is going to be — yes, Justin Bieber is indeed still… 274 more words

Web Culture

Everything's Alright Now

Everything that was wrong with the world has been sorted out thanks to people sharing and liking things on social media.


Wuthering Heights Review (or 'how I discovered Heathcliff is a massive twat')

During my wanderings around the interweb I’ve noticed that when a writer’s inspiration is flailing, or a writer’s work has temporarily contracted the sickness of mediocrity, a lot of writers will turn to the one thing which has provided creative comfort in the past: 1,916 more words

Book Rants

you lost me at hello

I know I’ve ranted about something similar before but to be honest I don’t give a shit and I wanted to bitch about it again. 136 more words

Social Networking

A few years ago me & Mrs Me moved into our house (10 years to be precise) since moving in we’ve renovated the place beyond recognition. 3,556 more words


Manosphere jumps the shark

You know how I said I wasn’t going to write anything about the manosphere again?

Well, if you read the Ts & Cs at the bottom of my post, 222 more words