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Underground etiquette: how I learned to love the Tube

Underground: it’s a peculiar word that raises as much disdain for what is cool as it does in fact specify what is cool. Many things are underground: a… 826 more words


Radio Ga-Ga

(No.1 in a series of probably thousands of things that get on my nerves)

Tell you what really gets on my nerves…..radio adverts.

I mean, what the fuck is the point in them? 272 more words

Random Thoughts

Hey Everybody!

I took a break. I need a new
format to get the ideas rolling~
so I’ve been working on Twitter!
And look what I did today: 185 more words


#Need To Know!

Do 59 drafts count towards total posts? #Need to know. Fuck! # Getting good at Twooting. # 1000 posts! 140 characters. #Who does this shit?!


Train phone twat

Why do people keep trying to have a mobile phone conversation when they are on a train that keeps going through tunnels?  I was sitting next to some student twat the other day who was wearing a duffle coat and had a Scooby Doo bag and he was wittering on on his mobile phone but he kept getting cut off and the stupid bastard kept ringing back only to get cut off again and again and it was doing my head in so much that I fantasised about grabbing his phone and throwing it out of the window.  36 more words


San Francisco has a chronic housing shortage. In a public spirited effort to alleviate this a real estate developer has invested in turning this building into new housing stock. 167 more words