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Dear 4th Through 8th Grade Girl:

Recently, I was looking over class pictures from elementary school (ages 5-11) with Chickie, my middle schooler. What saddened us both was that so many little chickies (my term of endearment for girls) are currently being pressured to trade in their true, sweet, first grade selves of yesterday—their original personhood—for whatever others want them to be in this fleeting moment of tween/teen angst. 938 more words


7 Ways I'm Helping My Kid Resist Peer Pressure

Like every parent of an incoming junior-higher, I’m filled with excitement and anxiety for what the future holds for my son. I think about the friendships he’ll form, the rush of his first crush, and the scary and difficult decisions he’ll someday have to make. 230 more words


Proceed with Caution: You Are Now Leaving Childhood

The word “tween” has been used to describe those between the ages of ten and twelve, especially girls.  The label seems appropriate as they seem to fluctuate between acting like a child and acting like a teenager.   759 more words

Daily Life

As I start this page, I just wanted to tell you that I’m a average gal who is in 13 years old only. I want to share to you guys about my lifestyle, activities, and adventures. 26 more words


One dress, two tweens, and six great shots in under an hour

I had two beautiful sisters in my studio last month. To stretch myself creatively, I decided to try for three unique shots of each girl, each wearing the same outfit – a lacy vintage dress. 127 more words


How to Motivate a Tween

Um like, What’s my motivation?

So how did we chose to motivate our tween?

It’s much easier than you would think.  You know how in elementary school you got gold stickers when you did something good?   388 more words

Musical Nostalgia

I thought I’d start off this blog by showing you my tween years’ very cringe worthy musical playlist. And I’m gonna tell you why. Music has great power, it really does. 909 more words