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2012 Concepts For Tween Bathroom Decorating

As tots turn into teens, time in the bath is as critical as time on the telephone. A couple of simple touches can help transform daily bathrooms into one thing specific. 27 more words

Wildwood by Colin Meloy

Reviewed by Melissa Rader (Library Staff)

This book was not scraped delicately with a thin layer of charm; this book had charm slathered on it with a trowel. 269 more words

Meet Mr. Tummy & Other Embarrassing Stories I Shouldn't Be Telling

I frequently revel in sharing tales from my awkward days. Some of you don’t believe me; you weren’t there.

For the first time this week, I told a non-family member the story of Mr. 375 more words

Researching? Or just Reaching?

I recently completed a rather complex chapter in my daughter’s and my tween urban fantasy novel, The Last Princess. Over and over I found myself stopped in my tracks as little nagging details cropped up that needed to be researched. 759 more words


[N] No More Dead Dogs by Gordan Korman

(This was first written for my Materials for Tweens class.)

Wallace Wallace’s policy has always been to tell the truth. In No More Dead Dogs… 188 more words



If, in young friendship,

a promise is born

of hope and wishes

only and remains

unkept, then whose

heart breaks more?

The girl waiting

for the promise to be… 44 more words

[M] Millicent Min, Girl Genius by Lisa Yee

(This was first written for my Materials for Tweens class.)

Eleven-and-a-half-year-old high schooler Millicent Min might be a genius, but she’s no good at making friends. 131 more words