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A photo of each of my children every week for 52 weeks

Jackson: Matching hats to stay cool like daddy

Cassie: Painting owls to celebrate my birthday… 19 more words


Review: "Sketchy Behavior" by Erynn Mangum


“‘When life feels broken and the heat gets turned up, just remember: You’re being made whole again.'”

From Goodreads:

Drawing Conclusions or Drafting Disaster? Other than harboring a somewhat obsessive fondness for Crispix and completely swearing-off boys after a bad date (don’ 223 more words


Slang of the day: "NVM"

“NVM” stands for “NeVerMind.” For example (in videogaming culture), if you tell everyone, “I’m alive!” but then you get killed the next second, you would say, “NVM!” 10 more words


Slang of the day: "FTW"

Before you freak, no, “FTW” is NOT “WTF” backwards. It means “For The Win” and you would use it right after you crush your opponent. … 7 more words


The truth about eggs

Writing guides a writer to what’s real. Or writing guides me.

“Write until you hit that nugget of truth,” we’re told.


Just write.

Kelly calls down the laundry chute to me this morning before work, “Roi, do you want me to make you some eggs?” 453 more words

Slang of the day: "Noob"

Surprisingly, noob does NOT equal newb/newbie. A noob is someone who lacks knowledge but acts overconfident like a know-it-all.

Learn something new from my son every day!


"The Trumpet of the Swan" Mask

Hi again. I’m posting a second, super easy craft based on E.B. White’s “The Trumpet of the Swan.”

The synopsis from the back of the book: 293 more words