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Anonymous Hackers Threaten to Release Iggy Azalea's Sex Tape

Anonymous hacker group has threatened Iggy Azalea with a sex-tape of her they have obtained; if she doens’t apologize to Azealia Banks for a series of tweets in response to Banks’ … 322 more words


Throwback Thursday - DJ Nate Geezie Presents....The Draws Off Mix

I’ve kept this under wraps for a while, but in the new digital age, passing out CD’s by hand is over…

So i’ve made my most famous mixtape available online for the first time… 19 more words

Throwback Thursday

From Twitter:

RT @TestKitchen: THIS WEEKEND ONLY — Free Equipment Reviews: http://bit.ly/1wa7GMg http://bit.ly/1zODcG3

Amanda Bynes's story has shown us that the media needs to cover mental illness in celebrities more seriously

The role of the gossip journalist is simple; find a story that will attract the most attention. The integrity of the story is irrelevant since we don’t use the gossip media as a source for genuinely important information, therefore the only concern is with how scandalous the story is. 850 more words


It's official!

Breaking: the term 'Crazy Cat Lady' is no longer an insult. Don't try to use it negatively. It has no power. Cool ladies with cats have won.

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