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How I Use Twitter Professionally - Updated Again!

About a year ago I wrote a blog post called “How I Use Twitter Professionally - Updated!“. Since then I’ve refined or changed my use a bit more, so I thought it was worth refreshing the post again. 815 more words


Do You Have a Strategy for Negative Social Media Posts?

I’m amazed by the stats that more than half of those on social media don’t have a plan to respond to negative social media posts.  Social media isn’t new, isn’t going away, and if you’ve followed or read anything about this space, you know there have been numerous posts about the subject. 263 more words

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Tweetdeck + Twitter lists for Blogging, PR + Journalism

It took me a while to get into Tweetdeck, I’ll be honest. And even when I started using it, it took me months to realize how much I could use it for — and how wrong I had begun. 292 more words


Tools for journalists: Using Yatterbox for a different view on Twitter

One of the best things about Twitter – and there are many – is that it can give anyone a voice. That’s huge for journalists, turning… 611 more words

Social Media

Author: Alex Krasne, Program Director

A love for highly alliterative titles was just one of the reasons we decided to start a regular blog series to share our favorite social media tools, apps, and sites. 1,075 more words


How Social Is Your Beer? (Part III)

In my last piece I showed what might be the scariest thing about Twitter for business. Whereas other platforms allow you to control the comments, Twitter often becomes a playground of ridicule and scorn for messages that rub people the wrong way. 1,458 more words