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Managing Multiple Twitter Accounts

Many of us are the “only geek in the Lodge” or worse the only geek in several Lodges, Chapters etc. as a result we end up trying to manage several Twitter accounts. 866 more words

Better TweetDeck

Animal Rescue-Now on Social Media Near You!

Animal Rescue is something that has evolved over the years. From pounds where just about any animal taken there was euthanized to shelters now becoming a place of community where only the most sever cases end up being put to sleep. 475 more words

Animal Shelters

Buffy Andrews' tips for promoting books

Neighbors who ask Buffy Andrews for a cup of sugar probably get a full canister.

I emailed several authors, asking their advice on book promotion… 1,397 more words


Social Media Optimisation - Twitter Workshop

Bufferapp is a management tool that gives you the ability to write a bunch of posts at one time to various different social media means. Bufferapp will spread these posts throughout the day or week, meaning that you don’t have to be sat at a computer to have a social media presence. 228 more words


Social Media Use in Government Sectors

Social media is quickly becoming the way to communicate across brands and to consumers.  For years government groups have shied away from using Social Media because it was unknown, and one thing said wrong could reach millions before it could be stopped.  228 more words

Social Media Time Savers

It is often the case that you only have a couple of days a week or less to commit to your church’s social media channels, and it takes time to not only keep an eye on what’s happening but also to find, create and post new content on a regular basis, time which you don’t always have. 597 more words


Professional Twitter.

Today in my workshop I created a Twitter account separate from my personal one which can be used for professional purposes. I wanted to create a music related appearance to express my aspiration of being a music journalist so I created and uploaded my own header image. 455 more words