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Day 84 – Friday August 22, 2014

Prayer: I will use the principles of the Twelve Steps to make healthy decisions. I will ask my Higher Power for the strength to act on those decisions. 1,045 more words


Day 83 – Thursday August 21, 2014

Prayer: My contribution makes a difference. I will offer a helping hand today.

I wake up rather foggy and exhausted. I know that because my libido is still basically flat lining, that this also affects my energy levels. 1,904 more words


Day 82 – Wednesday August 20, 2014

Prayer: I will be grateful for the friends I have. I will take an active part in my friendships.

I find today’s prayer bitterly ironic. As I finish reading it, I get a text from Ted. 1,546 more words


Day 81 – Tuesday August 19, 2014

Prayer: I will accept the loss of one I love and turn to my Higher Power for the strength to accept my feelings. I will make the most of my love for those in my life today. 1,488 more words


Day 78 – Saturday August 16, 2014

Prayer: Truth is my connection to reality. Today, I will take time to ask myself, “Am I telling the truth?”

I have to start off the day by wishing happy birthday to a person that has been highly influential in my development as a gay man: Madonna. 1,325 more words


Day 77 - Friday August 15, 2014

Prayer: The only constant in my spiritual condition is change. I cannot rely on yesterday’s program. Today, I seek new spiritual growth through prayer and action. 679 more words


Day 76 – Thursday August 14, 2014

Prayer: My body will heal a little, my mind will become a little clearer, and my relationship with my Higher Power will strengthen.

I wake up to France kissing me goodbye as he heads out to work. 1,008 more words