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10 of London’s World War I memorials – 2. Borough High Street War Memorial...

Recently restored ahead of the World War I centenary, the St Saviour’s parish war memorial in Southwark was  designed by Captain Philip Lindsey Clark, awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his service during the war. 130 more words

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A history of the First World War in one hundred blogs ! No.5 Mobilisation and the groundswell of enthusiasm !

(German soldiers in a railway carriage on the way to the front in August 1914. The message on the carriage reads From Munich via Metz to Paris. 1,123 more words


Why not have Full Technological Unemployment?

I recently came across this excellent video CGP Grey and felt the need to share it:

His videos tend to be well made, and highly informative. 445 more words


On Reading

As many other aspies I was bullied. Some bullied me just for fun and others did it to crush me and bend me to their will, most notably my family and my first teacher. 308 more words


10 of London's World War I memorials - 1. The Cenotaph...

Commemorations of the outbreak of World War I have begun, so we thought we’d take a look at 10 of London’s memorials to those who died in the Great War. 254 more words

Twentieth Century

Today in Theatre History: PAUL ROBESON AS OTHELLO--August 10, 1942

On this day in theatre history (August 10, 1942) one of the greatest actors of the 20th century, Paul Robeson, first performed what would eventually be recognized as among the greatest roles of his career:  Othell0.   242 more words