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Tennessee Williams, A streetcar named desire

Polly Studies: Tennessee Williams, A streetcar named desire

Goddamn but that was a short day!

Blanche – Stanley, tell us a joke, tell us a funny story to make us all laugh.

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Sensuality And Senses

A history of the First World War in one hundred blogs ! No. 9 The Siege of the Liège Forts.

(The ruins of Fort Loncin in this German propaganda postcard.)

The beginning of August 1914 on the Western Front saw the great German march begin, when the German Fourth Army violated the neutrality of tiny Luxembourg, in an attempt to secure important railways needed to complete its war mobilization plans. 745 more words


Guillaume Apollinaire, Les Fenêtres

Polly Studies: Guillaume Apollinaire, Les Fenêtres

Les Fenêtres

Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt
Quand chantent les aras dans les forêt natales…

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Polly Studies Literature

Shaping a historiography: a mythic beginning

In 1916, Ernest Scott, newly appointed professor of history at the University of Melbourne, concluded his highly influential A Short History of Australia with a discussion of Australia’s novelists and poets. 750 more words


Gateways by Brian Gottheil

Brian Gottheil has self-published Gateways through Smashwords. If you would like to order a copy, click here.

We re-imagine World War I, a century after its declaration in 1914, as a time of heroic sacrifice. 819 more words


Review! Herbert Hensley Henson

Herbert Hensley Henson: A Biography

by John Peart-Binns

ISBN: 9780718893026

“ research is heavily dependent on primary archival work which is demonstrated throughout. the writing style is readable and the chronology is easily followed [...] this book may interest people wanting an introduction to the church of England’s history from the late Victorian era through to the end of World War II.” 15 more words