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Food Clense

I nearly have my entire kitchen cleaned out, ready to start fresh with my eating habits. Its not that I had bad habits, they just needed work and fell to the way side over the past couple of months. 241 more words


How It Was to Enlist in WW1

100 Years Ago Some of the Young Thought World War Was Fun

(An excerpt from A Book of Kells: Growing Up in an Ego Void… 682 more words


Week (So, I haven't been diligent about my blog...): 21 Things to Keep in Mind When You Miss Someone

Friends come and go. As a college student and less than a year away from graduation, I’ve said a lot of good byes this summer. After being the perpetual “new girl” in school, moving around as a kid made missing someone, be it my best friend from Minnesota or a favorite middle school writing teacher, a constant in life. 477 more words


Prim and Proper, but not Pretty.

I recently read an article about Jennifer Lawrence aka J Law aka America’s not-so-typical, new sweetheart. In the interview, she meant to say her boyfriend had a pretty face, but the way she said it sounded like she said she had a pretty face. 152 more words


Rainforest Boogie

So call me a dreamer, but here goes:  I am really hopeful about a new stage in my life, grad school, international travel…a big move.  I need money!   382 more words


OKCupid Missed: Chemistry Projects

Everyone hold onto your seats because you are in for a major surprise.

The master dating “experts” at OKCupid are actually not experts at all! They have simply been experimenting on us. 261 more words


Conquer Thy Kitchen Challenge

As I have said before, I am no wiz in the kitchen.  In fact, most of what comes out of my kitchen is either burnt or tasteless.   489 more words

Cooking Challege