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Brief History of the Struggle Plate & Other Culinary Adventures

Like undercooked chicken, the #struggleplate is nothing new. We’ve all seen, eaten and made them. Yes, even if you now possess culinary prowess, once upon a time you too burned, undercooked or ruined a dish.  464 more words

Who We Are. How We Feel. How We React.

In elementary school we displayed so much of who we are, how we feel and how we react in different situation. That is why our families worried for us, but also was excited to see how we would turn out. 316 more words


8 Lessons From My Post-college Life

My post-college life started a year and (almost) two months ago. There were a lot of expectations, a lot of plans, and a lot of surprises. 922 more words


Twenty-Something Me Today

Twenty-Something Me Today


I’d like to take a moment to consider my current horizons blooming. As always, they are tearing me in all directions.


First there’s my boyfriend. 213 more words


Yours, Mine, Ours

Type and erase, type and erase. Sometimes this is how it begins.

On the annoying days, this is definitely how it begins. Every once in a while, someone will ask me how I can write every day, and the truth is, I can’t. 580 more words

Work In Progress

The dilemma with twenty-somethings and their hasty travel plans

There’s this dilemma going around with the twenty-somethings these days, the young professionals, as they seem to call themselves.  I like to call then the YPs.  842 more words


Time to Reflect

I’ve been rather upset as of lately. And as usual, it’s been a multitude of things that have built up to a head and I finally popped at lunchtime today. 856 more words