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the grind and instagram

Funny how often when we go to post things on the internet about ourselves, we have to recite details of the most perfect dinner party with the most perfect people at the most perfect hour when the lighting was just so….you guessed it….perfect. 178 more words


And so it begins.

A little introduction…

I am twenty two year old girl woman (!) surviving life post university. Having clung to my university city for a year after graduation, not knowing where to go next careers wise led me to accept temporary defeat and move back in with my parents for the time being. 418 more words


Armed star-gazer in Elkland

Last Friday was a big birthday so we took a couple of days off and visited Estes Park, Colorado…just up the hill from our town. When you make your home in a tourist destination state it’s easy to let everyday life distract you, so it was fun being part of a tourist weekend. 253 more words

Happy, free, confused & lonely

On this day in 1992 I was born 10 weeks pre-mature. I weighed 3 lbs and 3 oz and my birth nearly killed my mother. I should’ve died, but, I’m stubborn like that. 318 more words


I keep asking myself, what does this mean? Stability? I cant understand it, which to me only means one thing, I do not have it nor do I know how to posses it. 422 more words

One score and two years: a recap

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who responded to my 2+2=4 post! You did wonders for my blogging confidence level, and I couldn’t appreciate it more. 338 more words

Slices Of Life

not about green tea

For one reason or another I like to believe my life has gotten that cinematographic quality to it. More often than not, walking down a street gets me create crazy emo-esque stories in my head, or imagine I am an indie movie actor, who is about to pass away serenaded by the most dramatic a cappella soundtracks. 508 more words