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Today I randomly found this post on this blog about a small-town girl (Western Mass is pretty small),Twenty-two (ooh ooh). This post doesn’t really have much in relation to my blog topic  but it is something that I, as the author, can relate to.   270 more words


Thanksgiving speech

With Thanksgiving two thousand and fourteen around the corner (or two) and no turkeys in sight at this part of the world, I figured I would make a blog post that starts with the good old “I am thankful for…” and ends with no gravy, no Black Friday at 4am, no closed liqueur stores and no regrets, really. 562 more words

Twenty two.

People always tell you that the best thing you can do it graduate from college. So every single high school graduate does what they’re expected; applies to schools and then spend another four years at the higher level of education. 567 more words


Twenty Two

I might as well come right out and say it… today is my birthday.

Slogging through six inches of snow was not how I imagined spending my first day of being twenty-two.   335 more words


We are not pennies and other musings on life at twenty two.

As a fresh twenty two year old, I feel like I’m stumbling into the room of my life while my life is changing her clothes. Funny how I’ve known her for so long and still when I open the door I feel the immediate need to shut it. 473 more words

Feeling 22...

Since I haven’t been able to blog in over a month there is so much to catch up on! From celebrating my 22nd birthday in Blagoevgrad, to my trip to Turkey and now fall break coming to and end, get ready for a lot of information. 419 more words