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I'm Not Twenty Two...

I don’t like Taylor Swift. I really don’t. Promise.


I can’t seem to stop listening to her newest album 1989 and I am one hundred percent embarrassed about it. 431 more words


Every Woman Needs to Watch The Conversation

So, I’m a self-proclaimed, YouTube junkie. I can sit there on my laptop, iPad or even iPhone for HOURS watching makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, vlogs of random happy people (usually from California) or hilarious videos of people being really ridiculous. 498 more words

On birthday parties, turning 22 & still not owning a work appropriate skirt...

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. Historically, this particular day every year has been a source of anxiety and general upset for me and the signs are not boding well for this year either. 916 more words

The Daily Grind

Being 22

Exactly a week ago I turned 22.
I’ve listed 22 things about being 22/in my early twenties.

  1. Things have started to hurt
  2. I try very desperately to hold onto my childhood…
  3. 229 more words

A Little Bit Older, Perhaps A Shade Wiser

Twenty two. Twenty-two. Twenty. Two. Two zero two.

No, I’m not going to sing that song. Instead I’m going to include a phenomenal song from The Sound of Music, because that’s how I feel today*. 603 more words

Twenty-Two Things I Learned From Being Twenty-Two

  1. Just because it has a built in bookshelf, doesn’t mean it’s the right place for you to move.
  2. Don’t pretend to afford things when you know that you can’t.
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Today I randomly found this post on this blog about a small-town girl (Western Mass is pretty small),Twenty-two (ooh ooh). This post doesn’t really have much in relation to my blog topic  but it is something that I, as the author, can relate to.   270 more words