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The Twilight Zone (1963) - #3 : George Wilson

“The Last Battle” : “Anthology type comic with suspenseful, mystery, and spooky stories done in the style of the classic TV series “The Twilight Zone” which starred Rod Serling as your host.”

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So Odd, A Boy Like This

Rod Serling taught me a few things about the past. How badly we deal with it. Holding on too tight. Or letting go too adamantly. Or both, consciously or subconsciously. 3,468 more words

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Ten facts on the Twilight Zone

#1. Z is the only letter that doesn’t appear in a TZ ep title
#2. Don Gordon appears in 2 eps & get’s 2 bullets in the gut for his troubles. 168 more words

"Last Night" of a Legend: Mickey Rooney and Rod Serling

“I want to be big!” thunders Michael Grady in Rod Serling’s “The Last Night of a Jockey.”

An ironic line, as it turns out. Grady, a horse jockey who’s been blackballed for a variety of racing infractions, is a small man who, by the episode’s end, gets his wish in the most literal way. 940 more words

Twilight Zone

Expatriates and medical care

I got this wonderful article on assisted living facilities in Cuenca, Ecuador. You can read the original here, with pictures: Ecuador . The picture and article is very nice. 599 more words

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One Good Memory

There’s an old Twilight Zone episode where these three astronauts crash land on this planet where everything and everyone is frozen. What a strange setting, I always thought. 3,978 more words

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SQUIBBLES By Jenn Webster

We ALL remember one of the great classic shows of all time, “The Twilight Zone” and its host, Rod Serling, most of you have a favorite “Twilight” episode and remember it very well, but have you ever wondered that there were also LOST episodes, too? 89 more words

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