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The Legend Of Springheeled Jack

**just poking a little fun at the old legend

In the ghastly dark of autumns rise
A gentle fog reached through the skies
And rested over glen and dale, 1,188 more words

Entertaining My Muse

Welcome to Dusk

Twilight is one of the most magical time of the day except dawn. The sky will be tinted blue while a bit of yellow light will make a sense of warmness stands out.

Roam Around

10 Classic Victorian Novels Everyone Should Read

Here is our list of the 10 Victorian novels we at Interesting Literature think everyone should read – whether because they’re great novels, because they tell us something important about Victorian society, because they stand as classics of the period, or (in most cases) all three. 1,212 more words


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Ok, so this reblog is a pure indulgence. I studied most if not all of these novels during my Undergraduate degree and have a great love of the Bronte sisters and Thomas Hardy's Tess. Does anyone else love these? In my current Masters of Literature studies I am currently looking at popular Young Adult Fiction and woah, what a contrast. From Wuthering Heights and North and South to Twilight and Divergent! Eek.  

Riding crop

I’m often asked what toy I like best. While I can’t pick just one I’d have to say that the riding crop is definitely one of my favorites. 29 more words


I am Bella Swan

“Try to find a way to lighten a serious poem you’ve written with a touch of comedy. In almost every situation there is something humorous or absurd.” 91 more words


On the recent debate on Young Adult Literature

Perhaps it is the impending film release of The Fault in Our Stars that has occasioned new interest in how the category known as “young adult literature” operates today in the publishing world, the book-to-film world, and the general reading world. 922 more words