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One Blissful Night

The view feels like cloud nine. Some are my shots, some are with my friend ( two photos with a girl holding a phone for that was me)

Get To Know Me!

Currently Reading: The Host by Stephenie Meyer

I have read the Twilight Saga (except Breaking Dawn), and my conclusion after reading the books was that it was pure entertainment. I didn’t admire the writing style and the whole vibe of the books. 165 more words


The Beauty Side of West Coast


Yes, I promised to upload our awesome journey pictures to the west coast area during the new year. So, hope you like them! Alhamdulillah, I’m blessed to see His beautiful creation beyond google image, and nothing can capture the view better than our own eyes :) I just chose some pictures that I felt the best to share, so enjoy them! 261 more words

Down With The Rom-Com TV

As the season of autumn fell upon us, so did the opportunity for channels to introduce new television programmes to its audiences. A fair few of these have been picked up for more episodes, but I was disappointed to find new quirky romantic-comedy television shows have been cancelled. 396 more words

A To Z

50 Shades of "Twilight"

“Twilight” is quite a character. He receives this alias for several reasons, but not because he has an extra pale face or red eyes. I also doubt he has the ability to turn people into vampires, but the verdict is still out! 237 more words


LUSH cosmetics ✨


I promised you a post about my LUSH Twilight bath bomb a few weeks ago and here it finally is! I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write about it except that the bath was really relaxing and the smell was heavenly but I bet the pictures tell more than I could! 106 more words