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Twilio Adds Low-Cost, Two-Way MMS Picture Messaging To Its API Cloud

Twilio, the San Francisco-based company that currently works with around half a million developers to integrate text messaging, voice and VoIP services into their apps by way of a set of simple APIs, is today adding a new feature into its artillery that taps into some of the most popular uses for smartphones today. 593 more words


Talkdesk grabs $3.15M for its 'call center in the browser'

Funny what can happen with a small project you hack together just to win a laptop.

For Portugal-born startup Talkdesk, it turned into a full-fledged business, and today it’s announcing that it has raised $3.15 million in a new round of funding. 520 more words


You Can Now Text Groot

Groot seems like he’d be a pretty good friend to have. He’ll always have your back in a fight, he can inexplicably summon fireflies out of thin air when your movie needs more 3D effects, and he’s one helluva dancer to boot. 142 more words


Revisiting Bluemix with Twilio

This post walks you through the steps to use Twilio with IBM’s Bluemix to send an SMS and also make a  voice call when you click a URL.   709 more words






#Hi there.


Sending SMS messages using Twilio and Bluemix

I’ve been tinkering with an Internet of Things project at home for a while which I’ll write up in due course, but in the course of doing so have knocked up a few useful fragments of function that I thought I’d share in case other people need them. 917 more words