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How your pricing page drives away customers.

Twilio.com’s SMS pricing page provides some interesting examples of innocent mistakes that cause confusion and drive away potential customers.   Let’s take a quick look.

HTML Fractions… 546 more words

Software Development

BattleHack ... the lessons

I don’t like blog long blog posts. If I don’t like it, then others must not like it as well.

In this post, I’m going to explore some of the lessons that I learned from the… 252 more words

Battle Hack... the legend

So this past weekend, I decided to jump back into the decadent world of hackathons. Paypal sponsored their battlehack series, and the best way to describe the experience would be to combine a luxury cruise with laptops and viking garb. 349 more words

Making CALL to User Mobile from Web App through Twilio Voice API

What is Twilio Voice API?

It allows developing apps that make and receive phone calls. Let’s any browser, phone or tablet talk using only a data connection. 448 more words

Mindfire Solutions

Twilio and WebRTC

I was excited to read the news about Twilio Client and thought of sharing it here!

My husband and I, had developed a Twilio SMS stock price app sometime back and we at the time read on how Twilio might integrate WebRTC functionalities. 77 more words

Sendwithus joins AirPair Trusted Partner Experts

Sendwithus is fortunate to have a brilliant technical team committed to building awesome product.  We are proud to announce that we are a Trusted Partner… 197 more words