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Spark up nostalgia by building a DIY pager with Arduino

Long before the days of smartphones, there were beepers. Like many kids who grew up in the ‘90s, Maker Ricky Robinett wore that pager proudly on his belt. 124 more words

Makers Movement

Twilio Project Turns 2048 Into A Multiplayer Game That You Play By Text

Remember all of the wonderfully entertaining frustration that was Twitch Plays Pokemon?

Take that concept and turn it on its head. Wrap it around a puzzle game instead of a side-scroller, and have players text in commands rather than input them via chat. 253 more words


FlaskVoice - Part 1: UI Design

I came up with a simple name for my Google Voice alternative called FlaskVoice.  I’m going to work with the Flask framework to build this tool and have it interface with my Twilio account to build my own personal IVR and voicemail system. 304 more words


Building a Google Voice Replacement with Twilio and Python

I think I’ve found a project I want to work on to learn how to develop web applications with the Python language.

I have been a fan of the Twilio API for a year after completing the Ruby exercises on Codecademy.   188 more words


Twilio, send/receive SMS in Latvia

Could anyone tell which countries would be able to send and receive SMS AND calls to Latvia?

I can’t seem to find an answer, it appears that LV numbers can’t send SMS, yet I see prices on the pricing page. 84 more words

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