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Same Guy = Same Problems

So my ex and I are talking again. Of course, in many ways it is like a dream. We click in such an unexplainable way. Normally, two years apart changes people in such away that awkwardness and space can not be avoided. 506 more words


Our possessions are dictating our free time. Sundays used to be for relaxing and eating, and now they’re spent cleaning the garage.” ― Cristin Frank… 1,626 more words


Your presence washes over me
Deletes my memory
Exposes light of divinity

Why did you disconnect

Who am I
I don’t remember

How can I know what love is when I forget?

Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who post comments on my blog, even the negative comments, because all are teaching me to stand in my own power and my own truth. 548 more words

Signs of TWIN FLAME Merge.. 2015

There is a lot of info in this post by MamaFoo and it is well worth the read. Enjoy!

Signs of TWIN FLAME Merge.. 2015… 3,573 more words

Twin Flame Pleiadians

I thought I would share this part of a message posted by MamaFoo as it pertains to Twin Flames. You can find the link to the rest of the post below. 265 more words

What is a Twin Souls’ Mission? [Twins Souls Part 40]

What is a Twin Souls’ Mission?

‘Twin Souls’ have an infinite connection as compared with soulmates or business partners who may share at the most a few lifetimes together.  782 more words

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