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A hint of rock'n'roll

I’m free in you

I feel it all

Continue to dig this hole

With a hint of rock’n’roll

We’re in a place

Where everybody wants to go… 128 more words

Twin Flame

Why We Meet Our Twin Flames

Episode 16

This post is going to be very candid and I promise myself not to try to hide anything. This question of “why” is something that has been on my mind for a while now, and I keep on getting closer and closer to clarity about this topic, but its very difficult to keep my thoughts centered on the bigger picture. 2,333 more words

Soul Journey

Lanzarote; The Moonscape Land

No matter if you´re young or old
You never be alone in la santa
La santa sport!

It might be the most stupid song ever, but it brings me back to the unworried period of my life when I was an athlete. 504 more words

Let´s Go Somewhere Nice

Patricia McNeilly - finishing with grace, the October solar eclipse

Hello, wonderful souls.

It has been quite a while since we last posted a message for you all. We do apologize. We were unsure if we had anything useful or worthy to share with you, as we felt many things had been told already. 87 more words

Twin Flames

Untitled Endearment

If the writings in Revelations are true

Would we be the only ones who survives life ending?

Yes, just us two.

Our love would recreate what chemistry really means. 41 more words

Dream Theater’s Beneath the Surface

Episode 12

For those that follow my blog, it is about high time you find out that my favorite band is Dream Theater. I owe a lot of my inner personal and artistic growth to this band, and I could safely say that my life has never been the same ever since… 1,428 more words



Let me be yin to your yang

I’m yours

Don’t define me yet remind me who I am

I’m yours

Now and always we’re together timeless in this time… 109 more words

Twin Flame