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Heaven Opening Gates and Twin Soul Energies – Multidimensional Ocean with Higher Self - 18 April 2014

Dear all,

After having had a few particular difficult moments yesterday and in particular last night, I had a breakthrough last night and this morning the whole world and grant scheme of things in the universe finally made sense. 754 more words

Message From My Higher Self

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Thank you Laura :)

Twin Flame Recognition by Liora

~♥ TWIN FLAME RECOGNITION by LIORA © http://www.twinflame1111.com

1. You met when you least expected it and sense such a profound soul connection. A chance spontaneous encounter that left you with a deeper curiosity and wondering. 292 more words

Through Wisdom of Angel and Serpent

Through twilight stars, I traveled far,

To find the brilliance in the distance.

Then you appear in glimmering light,

But darkness lingers in the shadow. 76 more words


Soul mate...soul mirror

What is a soul mates purpose? We have all felt the sudden pull to a particular person’s soul…it can be a friend, a child, a pet, a lover… 324 more words

Sacred Contract

Ancient Frequency

From a distance far away,

I feel you as tremoring light.

Your soul reflections from long ago,

Comes to me in recognition.

Like finding a treasure lost, 65 more words


Through My Heart

Within me is your light,

That sustains me in every moment.

Every leaf and bud is your shadow,

That resonates with the spring rain,

Gently falling on my face. 55 more words