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Sacred Sexual Union

I recently purchased this book, Sacred Sexual Union, The Alchemy of Love, Power and Wisdom by Anaiya Sophia, and have started reading it. This book is about: “the holy marriage – complete reunification with your Twin Soul and God. 307 more words

In Response To A Question

Okay so I have had a very valid question by a reader. Her question and I quote: “So, Rob is a lying bastard then? Because when you were “talking” to him he told you that he was your true twin flame. 2,833 more words

Response to Some Comments

I am getting some comments on different posts on my blog about the pain suffered by those of us who are “separated” from our Twins. Our Twins have “left” us, we don’t hear from them, there is no communication, and how do we deal with this? 3,584 more words

More on My Own Journey

So it’s been a little while since I have posted about my own journey. When I posted about watching the videos by relationshipreinvented (Lee and Sherry) on Youtube, I did say that this could be my journey with Hartley. 2,116 more words

Soulmate Synastry

As a soul on this path I, presumably, will have experienced a number of Soul Mate/ Soul Family relationships throughout my life. I have much cause to believe I have and as an amateur astrologer I have made a study of the synastries of these most profound and important relationships in order to identify aspect markers and trends that apply. 956 more words

Stop The Run

Stop haunting

Rest is what I give you

There is nothing more

Everything is here

I won’t let you down

But please stop the run… 62 more words

Twin Flame

Haiku For Loving Bonds Greater Than Bound

Night lightning strikes twice
Twin souls birthed fragrant with dawn
Ache to breach the edge

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