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The dark headed girl who keeps popping up in my dreams was back. I was at her house, in a bedroom. There was a twin bed and a nightstand next to it. 1,041 more words

I made through your lies

I’m giving myself fully

Without borders and regrets

Forgiving the folly

You pretended to care

Living the love

Piercing through illusions

I made through your lies… 23 more words

Twin Flame

Hello World!

“Every family has a story…Welcome to ours!”

A BIG WELCOME to “from Broken to Blended“, from Joe and Kim, Claire and Emily, Jake and Trevor, three cats, two dogs, and a corn snake! 941 more words

Blended Families

The Egregore

The night before last I thought I would go check out Hartley’s Facebook profile to see what he’s been up to as sometimes he posts things on there for his friends to see. 1,555 more words

Comment on a Post

I thought I would share this comment for you all to see. There are times when I wonder why I do this. I started this blog with the hopes that it will help others to understand what they are going through on their own Twin Flame journey. 326 more words

Sacred Sexual Union

I recently purchased this book, Sacred Sexual Union, The Alchemy of Love, Power and Wisdom by Anaiya Sophia, and have started reading it. This book is about: “the holy marriage – complete reunification with your Twin Soul and God. 307 more words

In Response To A Question

Okay so I have had a very valid question by a reader. Her question and I quote: “So, Rob is a lying bastard then? Because when you were “talking” to him he told you that he was your true twin flame. 2,833 more words