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Originally posted to Kathryn Can on 9/11/2010

9 years ago today I waited for the bus to campus with a stranger who brought his portable radio and we all gathered around it in shock.  471 more words



Delta Flight 59 from London to Atlanta became the penultimate of forty-two jet loads of now stranded international travelers being granted safe harbor at Halifax International before the airport ran out of wing space for the huge 747s, 767s, 777s, Air Buses, and L1011s. 1,038 more words


The Path to a New 1914? How America Chose War After 9/11 | truthdig

Then came the attack of September 11th. Like the starting gun of a race that no one knew he was to run, this explosion set the pack of nations off in a single direction—toward the trenches. 165 more words

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Three hours out of London and six miles above the Atlantic flying uneventfully through a brilliant blue sky, the passengers aboard Delta Flight 59 to Atlanta were as contented as possible on a nine-hour flight. 722 more words


Brick (New Version)

Nothing is yellow here. I am surrounded
by brownstone giants poking square holes
in a gray cloud ceiling. I haven’t seen
a cyclone in years, only twin smoke pillars of grief… 383 more words


Impartial investigations: how to make sure they never happen

It’s instructive to listen carefully to U. S. commentary after the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 in eastern Ukraine. Observers make these points, with some urgency: 1,823 more words


How has life changed since 9-11

The terrorist attacks of 2011 certainly caused our government to rethink our way of life. We had become vulnerable and caught with our guard down. I am sure that even as you read this your mind can wander back to the morning of September 11, 2001 and visualize the terror that our country was experiencing after the attacks on the twin towers. 1,746 more words

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