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Twinkies & Oreos

Last week, my friends and I went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk without any plan of having a roadtrip, we just talked and its like real on the spot, we partied late night before and just agreed that yes we are going! 136 more words


Lemony Letdowns: Chocolate Covered Twinkies

If you’re in a rush but want to make something try these. I saw Twinkies in the store and I had some candy melts leftover at home and thought to cover them in chocolate and make them even richer. 198 more words


Vs. Idiot Protests

Here’s the deal. The world has a proud history of individuals and groups successfully protesting injustice. But not every protestor has a great game plan… 662 more words


My Geekbox unboxing: September!

Hey guys! Uploaded my geekbox unboxing video!

Check it out :D


Hostess Bakery Stop Yo-Yoing!!

In 2012 Hostess Bakery closed to Bankruptcy (most of 18,500 jobs lost), then reopened with a new owner in 2013, but they are now closing the Schiller Park Twinkie Plant in October 2014 (400 jobs to be lost) 106 more words


Bad candy: mysterious tales behind the world's most famous treats

Take a trip around some of the world’s most famous snacks and treats to unravel a story about extortion and kidnapping, one of union strikes… 77 more words

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