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Chapter Fifty-two

Southern Michigan University, Kentuckyopolis, Michigan 4 June 2009

Brandy awakened in a new larger private room with a larger flat screen television. Fifteen bouquets of flowers were placed at the foot of her bed. 1,041 more words


Verne Smiles

See, Verne can have a positive experience. Not often. Hardly ever. Once or twice.

Don’t get used to it.

Comic Commentary

Chapter Fifty-one

Southern Michigan University, Kentuckyopolis, Michigan 31 May 2009

Stan Silverstein met Brandy in her hospital room. Outside it was almost summer. The sunshine was yellow and the leaves on the trees down below were bright green. 559 more words

Camelot Estates

Chapter Fifty

Southern Michigan University, Kentuckyopolis, Michigan 29 May 2009

‘Oh praise Jesus!” said her Ma hoarsely. She was sitting on the chair next to the bed watching… 553 more words


What I Thought The Hunger Games Would Be Like

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Chapter Forty-nine

Russell Elementary School, Mayflower, Michigan, 28 May 2009

Brandy remembered working in the cafeteria of Russell Elementary when she had to take a smoke break. 323 more words


Chapter Forty-eight

Camelot Estates, Peking, Michigan 15 September 2015

Brandy scanned all the channels looking for the Messiah

“My Bishop!” she whined. The image of the princess waved her wand and image of the Bishop filled the screen. 799 more words