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Trendy Tot Thursday (23/10/2014)

Hello and welcome to another Trendy Tot Thursday from Biscuit and Cracker! I hope you enjoy the clothes that I have picked to share with you this week. 278 more words



last sunday was a very special day, the twins turned two months! my babies are two months. TWO. MONTHS. when/how/why did that happen?! it’s been an exhausting, amazing, fun, hard, and awesome two months with them. 255 more words


second prenatal visit

“The Principal autonomy emphasizes the important role women should play in the decision-making in respect to their health care. Physicians should try to redress women’s vulnerability by expressly seeking their choice and respecting their views” 598 more words

Home Birthing

37 + 3 weeks - The twins birth story!

The twins have arrived! On Sunday, October 12th I woke up to incredibly intense contractions. Two days prior I had learned that I was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced so we all knew that they could arrive at any time. 739 more words


Raising Twin Toddlers In a 12th Floor Flat- part 2

Once again I have put my thinking cap on to see what fun activities we could do with Biscuit and Cracker with the limited space that we have in our flat. 445 more words


Bill, I believe this is killing me

Here’s a helpful hint for anyone who comes into contact with parents of twins. (Actually, this is good advice for dealing with parents of newborns in general) There is one word that you should never use to describe yourself: Tired. 844 more words


Life, pressure, nerves. Rest? A jumble of thoughts?

The half term break is almost upon me. Last week at work was high-stress. However, the weekend was a rich reward and I got through. Prague weekends (even with toddling twins) refresh. 1,206 more words