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Why I love being a self employed S.A.H.M

10 Reasons I love being a Stay At Home, Work At Home Mum:

1. I get to be there and not miss any of my twins’ precious early years (The genuine number 1 reason) 133 more words


My first prenatal visit with that OB/GYN

“In addition to the provision of medical services, physicians have a responsibility to consider women’s well-being and psychological satisfaction with their gynecologic an obstetric care.” … 624 more words

Trendy Tot Thursday (21/08/2014)

How is it Thursday already?!?! I can’t believe how the week has flown by. Thank goodness The Mother Geek and Clearly Bex reminded us on Twitter!! 257 more words



the twins are here! born at exactly 34 weeks, both are doing phenomenal! adam + i are enjoying all of the sweet baby cuddles we can get and we’ll be sure to update all of you very soon! 6 more words



well, we made it to 34 weeks…barely! does anyone recognize the white board in the picture above?! that’s right, it’s a hospital board. and my awesome nurse decided to change my plan of care yesterday. 233 more words


2 Year Health and Development Review (also known as Health Review 2)

Today Biscuit and Cracker had their Health Review 2.
For those of you who don’t have a health visitor (or whose kiddiwinks are younger than my two) children see their Health Visitor (public health nurse for a family with children under 5) as a newborn, at 8-12 months and at 2-2 1/2 years to assess their development, check for milestones and see if early intervention is required (e.g. 328 more words


The Meanest of Them All...?! How to wean a toddler off their dummy.

Despite our very best intentions, the twins are real dummy-lovers! Having twins means that you do look at ways to comfort two babies at once and dummies were real life savers in the early months. 458 more words