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Nativity Day 16

Camel farted.  He looks quite proud of himself.  He’s planning on using the table tennis bat and crinkle cutting blue scissors for world domination.

Do you know where this is?   814 more words



Remember the good old days when I used to write about the Cutlet’s bowel movements?

I can imagine some of you are groaning (if you haven’t already stopped reading), but don’t worry, today’s post is not about the Cutlet’s bowel movements. 526 more words

31 Days Of Blogging

Nativity Day 15

“I am so over runny noses aren’t you Joseph?” said Hipster King. “Yes” he replied “It’s relentless this year, and for the last 4 years in fact.   845 more words

"stop! we've forgotten one of the babies!"

Words from a really fantastic, affectionate, patient, loving big brother.

“I really love them.”
“He’s trying to touch me!”
“Aww. They are gorgeous.”
“Where are my babies?” 95 more words

Baby T

Nativity Day 14

Well dear reader as you can see all the small pieces are gone and unaccounted for.  It’s a such a disaster the fire engine launcher has been called in, yes some free plastic crap from the front of a magazine that was no doubt purchased to keep a child entertained on a train journey somewhere. 614 more words

sh*t people say to twin parents

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with twins, people have said some bizarre, ill thought-out and downright offensive things to us. I’ve consulted with some other twin parents and this appears to be the norm, unfortunately – along with people staring as if we are celebrities when we’re out as a family (this is particularly bad when we are carrying any of the three children in a sling). 298 more words


Nativity Day 13

The recycling truck appears to be unloading dangerously close to our Nativity scene today.  Luckily the fire engine that is held together with an elastic band is at hand to save the day. 516 more words