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The Halfway Mark (in which the daddies feed me very well)

It’s Thanksgiving today. I’m sitting in my mother-in-law’s dining room, listening to my raucous family in the next room, laughing, playing games, and (for the moment) entertaining my children. 1,303 more words


Photo - 101 - Twins

I thought about this one for awhile, and then it dawned on me, as hubby was leaving for work. There are two keyboards in my line of sight. 28 more words

The Commons

Generation 0.1: Surprises

I ended up running to work once again as my days started to become routine. Wake up, shower, eat, play music, work, eat, shower and sleep. 607 more words

Sims 3

Double - Photography 101

I am so happy with my shot for today! Upon first reading the assignment I was rattling my brain as to what I would be able to capture on the little mission planned for the day and then I saw it; the beautiful and peaceful little farm that I adore admiring every week had today gifted the perfect double :) 141 more words

Photography 101

Christmas shopping 2014

I barely have any memories of last Christmas. Kian and Kaira were just 2 months old, Ariana was just 2 and a half and so the sleepless nights were at it’s peak and my energy levels for shopping were about as high as my motivation to enter a triathlon. 421 more words



happy thanksgiving! today i am thankful for:

  • a caring, loving, supportive husband.
  • two beautiful, smart, healthy, strong babies.
  • a sweet, patient, and understanding dog.
  • my amazing family.
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