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Locustella fluviatilis

Have you ever noticed how, in crime films, the detectives always say to the criminal suspects, “Do you remember where you were on July 14th 1989?” 592 more words


Let's Twitch Again

Next month (August the 1st), Alby’s summer of love continues in Sandwich Spread Daze and there’ll be more news on the imminent arrival of Alby’s first book!

Alby Figgs

A spot of dirty twitching

I broke. I couldn’t resist. The feeding of a compulsion I suppose … but it was only just the other side of London… honest. It takes a lot to get me twitching outside Norfolk these days but the lure of a Short toed Eagle in East Sussex was just too much; an irresistible avian lure. 96 more words

Wildlife Photography

Short Toed Eagle, Ashdown Forest, East Sussex. Sunday 22nd June 2014.

A few day’s before a family holiday is not the ideal time to go rushing off on a twitch at the other end of the country, now is it? 485 more words


A Conversation between Hodge and his Tail

Hodge : Who is the most adorable cat in the world?

Hodge’s tail : How am I supposed to know, I don’t have any eyes! 210 more words


Trouble in Paradise: The Trials and Tribulations of one of the Nation's Favourite Birds

The Barn Owl (Tyto alba) is an iconic bird – the chosen spirit animal of David Bowie in the film ‘Labyrinth’, and historically shrouded in mythology. 687 more words