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Divine inspiration...?

Molly is finding her search for underground water a tad frustrating.

Never mind Molly…it’ll be snowing again soon…! 10 more words


It's been 1 month since my last dose of Topamax.

After reducing my dose of Topamax to 25mg per day for about two weeks (and still experiencing eye twitching), I finally came off Topamax in the last week of December 2014. 294 more words

Tit galore

Stopped for 5 minutes to make a fresh brew and warm my dead looking hands, looked out the window and counted 13 blue tits! I went upstairs to get my camera, but could only capture half of them. 29 more words

Blue Tits

Magical mystery tour of Sussex

After the WeBS count on Saturday, Sunday was another day of birding.  I joined Sean Foote for a day in Sussex to make up for the bird race Josie Hewitt, Sean and I were going to do but didn’t for various reasons. 656 more words


Twitching While Sleeping

I was just wondering for all of you sufferers or even supporters; when your loved ones with PTSD sleep do they often twitch a lot? I remember when mine would sleep he would twitch constantly. 20 more words

Twitching While Sleeping

Hi I m a secondary sufferer, my husband twitches terribly in his sleep, not sure if its ptsd related, hes ex forces, it seems to go with the territory as they see horrible things throughout their service. 64 more words

New day, fresh start, woo hoo

January seems to have flown by. And today actually feels like a fresh start for me. There’s something about today… I’m going to give the new neurologist another call to see if I can get in to see them. 1,018 more words

Personal Experiences With TBI