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Twitter makes me Bitter

No seriously, I know what a time suck Facebook can be so up until now I have vowed not to have a Twitter because I don’t want to be connected to the world all the time and be super involved in other people’s lives. 241 more words


Twitter: Getting Everything Out There

I had a Twitter account, but I never really used it considering my friend took it upon herself to create me one and forgot the username and password. 434 more words


Do Androids Dream of Electric Birds? Twitter Research

I am not entirely un-familiar with the twitter-verse, but I do have to admit that I haven’t been keeping up with it for the last few years. 815 more words


Who knew Twitter could be so useful?

I was unsure who to follow when I first learned of this assignment, I have a twitter account but I have never really gotten into it. 480 more words


Tweeting For Work

One of the first people I decided to follow was my cousinĀ Brad BakerĀ (@whistleandthumb). He’s a video producer for Minnesota United FC and a fellow former film major. 208 more words


Advertising Advice

I was in the same boat as some of my fellow classmates. I was a little confused as to who I was supposed to follow on Twitter. 365 more words

Twitter Post

Using Twitter for PR

When we were told to follow PR Professionals on twitter I was a bit confused on exactly who to follow or where to find PR professionals. 348 more words