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So there's a bit in The Dark Knight...

… where The Joker walks into Harvey Dent’s hospital room dressed as a nurse, and even though he’s a 6 foot guy with hairy arms, a broad chest, a white painted face, and tons of black make up around his eyes, Harvey doesn’t recognise him until he removes the only-covering-his-mouth face mask. 6 more words


Arkham Knight Villains PLUS More Stills!

About a month ago, GameInformer gave us a look at Arkham Knight’s Rogue Gallery to which they introduced 3 of the returning villains into Batman’s life: … 107 more words


Batman Villains

Batman’s villains are some of the most unusual in the world of comics. From the Joker to Bane, Scarecrow  and the Penguin just to name a few,  you won’t find a more sinister group. 472 more words


hero’s journey vs villain’s journey

The hero’s journey and the villain’s journey can surprisingly be very similar although there are differences within the similarities….

Some Heroes and Villains have very precise CODES. 717 more words

Einstein 2

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Albert Einstein

72×72 cm Digital media 2014 Made in Curaçao

Two face - A case of temporary schizophrenia

I am less than pleasant when I wake up in the morning.  I am Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey and Shitty all in one.  The thought of an alarm clock shattering the silent night evokes feelings of anger and dread, similar to those I had when I tried to finish 50 Shades of Crap. 665 more words


The Dark Knight Trilogy Review

This is my review of the amazing Batman series!

Dark Knight Trilogy directed by: Christopher Nolan