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A Sacred Vow to all People of The World from the People of Two Spirits

Recently, in the space of sacred ceremony, a sacred vow was created that will now become a part of the collective conciousness of this Earth. 699 more words

Sacred Truth

Gender Extender

Tuesday 15 July 2014

The morning after my chat with the Fool on the Hill about the “transgender tipping point,” I left my bench on the Village green and walked over to Dogface Donuts. 974 more words

Appropriation and Safe Spaces

I’m going to try to explain appropriation of terms by explaining safe spaces through a metaphor. 

There are certain words or terms that are important to certain groups of people. 564 more words

Gender Blender

Friday 20 June 2014

In which the Idiot and the Fool discourse upon our sexual confusion of late.

The Fool on the Hill came down to the Village green the other day. 1,420 more words

Gender Diversity Map

Click here for an interactive map of non-binary genders in cultures around the world!

Queer Health Resource Guide

Two Spirit

When I have a brand new hair do
Not with my eye lashes all in a curl
I can’t seem to float on clouds of air… 214 more words

All Things Trans

The Fluidity of Gender Roles in the California Gold Rush

As many of you know, I wrote an acid western, and anti-western a few years ago which will be published in February. And not a small part of that acid western conveys queer themes — which may seem antithetical to the western genre. 425 more words

Writing About Writing