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The social rift

Social gatherings tend to split off into gender groups about half way through. When this happens, I feel pulled in both directions, desperately wishing for a group of non binary people or some sort of an out so that I don’t have to decide. 447 more words

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Hello World

Hello readers. My name is Tsoi (it’s phonetically pronounced “tsoh-ee,” but most people find it easier to say “Zoey.”). I truly loathe labels, as a general rule, but I understand the human need to categorize to understand the world around us; therefore, I will describe myself as best I can. 304 more words

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when transphobia hits close to home

When Transphobia Hits Close to Home


Reality check: just when I thought I might be “safe” working for a large corporation and comfortable with my co-workers, I received a wake-up call to transphobia in the workplace. 1,128 more words

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They...is that so fucking hard to say?

He. His. Him. Guy.
Is this what they think when I’m walking by?

She. Her. Her’s. Chick.
Is that what they think, can they tell I have a dick? 113 more words

Insert witty title here

I really don’t know what to call this, and one of the most descriptive words that comes to mind is “rant”.

This rant, we’ll call it, is really about words, specifically in regards to gender. 395 more words


What I'm giving up for lent

Truth be told, I was born into a Catholic family. Yet did not live out my childhood worshiping the almighty in one place or setting. After my mom had left my father, my sister and I were exposed to so many branches of Christianity. 368 more words


The Naked I: Insides Out - Get to Know Manitou Love

This winter, 20% Theatre Company is thrilled to present the world premiere of The Naked I: Insides Out – the 3rd in a series of… 802 more words

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