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Sex, gender, and the two-spirit

If you are biologically male does that mean that you are a man? And if your biological sex is female does that make you a woman? 1,451 more words

Historiography And Theory

The Berdache Today

With colonialism came many changes to Native life. Relating to berdache life, there was a change in the cultural perception of gay and transgender people that remains to this day. 410 more words

Decolonising Gender

This is a concept that has been resurfacing the past couple months. Perhaps it started when the Psychologist I was seeing at the time asked me if I saw myself as ‘third gender’? 414 more words


third gender, two spirits

Throughout human history, there have been more variety in gender roles, than the binary system we have in this post-industrial age. The Navajo people before European colonization believed people came in four genders: feminine women were the first gender(they are a matrilineal society after all), masculine men, masculine women, feminine men. 108 more words