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174. Jenning's Cocker Hoop


The third of beer enjoyed at the rather excellent Marlbank Inn, Cocker Hoop is a reasonable enough pale/golden ale, fairly smooth but not sweet start with a very noticeable almost peppery bitter kick in the middle. 15 more words

Two Star

167-169 Brewdog's 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club and Hardcore IPA

So, to finish up the Brewdogs from Aberdeen. Once we got into the mid-afternoon, the cues around the bars were beyond ridiculous. It was taking a good 20 minutes to get served, so we decided to get three lots of three drinks at a time, and ended up with mostly what was left, which included 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club and Hardcore IPA. 217 more words

Three Star

165. Goffs' Jouster

My second medieval themed beer from Goff’s following their rather pleasing Launcelot in the Spring, Jouster was a bit of a let down. Not particularly bad, it just lacks any noteworthy qualities.  102 more words

Two Star

New planet proves Earth-like worlds can form in two-star solar systems


A new planet has provided scientists with the first evidence that liveable, Earth-like worlds can exist in binary, or two-star, solar systems. As half the universe’s planets are in binary systems, the chances of life on other planets just got better. 16 more words


161 & 162 Mad O'Rourkes Sledge Hammer and Lump Hammer

Before our trip to Aberdeen a while back (I know everything is out of order and very, very late), we took a trip to a Black Country institution, Mad O’Rourke’s Pie Factory, a pub in Tipton famous for its pastried fare and selection of home brewed beers. 102 more words

Three Star

159. Brutal Brewing's Piston Head

A surprisingly mild and slightly sweet lager this,  made in Sweden by the aggressively named Brutal Brewing. The bottle design and biker gang moniker gives the impression of a punchy beverage, but barring a fairly short burst of orange peel bitterness at the end, Piston Head is a fairly underwhelming beer.

Two Star

153. McEwan's Champion

Any semi-regular reader of my brewing related witterings this year will be well aware of my love of a good dark ale. McEwan’s Champion, an Edinburgh brewed beer, is about as dark as they come, and strong with it, so I was interested to try this. 71 more words

Two Star