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186. Daleside's Square Rigger

Square Rigger looks to be your standard pale ale, and unfortunately, it doesn’t even quite live up to that billing. This Harrogate brewed beer is fairly bland and smooth, with an unimpressive bready sort of hopped after-taste that doesn’t last. 53 more words

Two Star

180. Brain's SA Gold

Bit of a Ronseal drink this, describing itself as a refreshingly hoppy ale, and it does exactly what it says on the bottle. SA, supposedly also known colloquially as “skull attack”, gets its name from the initials of the brewery’s founder. 34 more words

Two Star

179. Cubanisto


To say I’m getting a bit behind would be putting it mildly. However, I do now have internet at the new house, and a lovely big fridge in which to keep all my beers! 130 more words

Two Star

US General Killed, Other Troops Wounded in Afghanistan Attack: US Officials

A gunman believed to be an Afghan soldier opened fire at a training facility in Kabul and killed an American general — carnage that a Pentagon spokesman said marked the death of one of the highest-ranked U.S. 807 more words


174. Jenning's Cocker Hoop


The third of beer enjoyed at the rather excellent Marlbank Inn, Cocker Hoop is a reasonable enough pale/golden ale, fairly smooth but not sweet start with a very noticeable almost peppery bitter kick in the middle. 15 more words

Two Star

167-169 Brewdog's 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club and Hardcore IPA

So, to finish up the Brewdogs from Aberdeen. Once we got into the mid-afternoon, the cues around the bars were beyond ridiculous. It was taking a good 20 minutes to get served, so we decided to get three lots of three drinks at a time, and ended up with mostly what was left, which included 5am Saint, Dead Pony Club and Hardcore IPA. 217 more words

Three Star

165. Goffs' Jouster

My second medieval themed beer from Goff’s following their rather pleasing Launcelot in the Spring, Jouster was a bit of a let down. Not particularly bad, it just lacks any noteworthy qualities.  102 more words

Two Star