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Have you ever had an overwhelming challenge, something that unexpectedly broadsides you and disrupts your life? I have been battling anxiety attacks lately; something I have only encountered a few times before in my life. 880 more words

Bologna Italy;

Our first day in Bologna Italy, and we find the streets busy, many of the streets closed for a festival, bands and buskers performing everywhere and tents up in Piazza Maggore giving away and selling samples of their Mortadella. 129 more words


gollum's song

Lately it has been difficult to write. It makes me feel out of sorts and not at all myself. Between finishing one set of exams and beginning another block at school, going places and taking photographs and doing things with lots of people I’d like to think I am just tired and dealing with a bad round of introvert exhaustion. 330 more words


The Lord of the Music Mondays: Return of the Tuesday

Ouch, that title hurts my head.  But having recently watched the first two Hobbit films again (I’m not watching the original trilogy until this one is finished!), and some inspirational music from the quiet melodies of Hobbiton to the fury of the Riders of Rohan at Pelennor!   6 more words

Adam Caine

Dream Writing

two towers


a symbol



from loss and tragedy

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