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What Daycare Teaches An Only Child

When we made the decision to start a family, it never occurred to me that we might only have one child. In every day dream that I ever had there were always two children. 835 more words


Two and a half

Two and a half is turning out to be the best age in a number of ways. Granted, there are still a number of tantrums, a lot of shouting very loudly, very early in the morning ‘PO, cuh back ere NOW!’ but a whole lot of fun. 554 more words

My Thoughts

Clay, Play & Painting

One of the reasons that I love painting & drawing with my daughter is listening to her explain to me what she is creating. She wields such a wonderful story with each stroke of her paint brush or marker. 336 more words


What a Night..a Real Life Short Story

It’s midnight. I am exhausted. I go to lie down in my bed to turn in for the night. I start messing with my phone until I fall asleep. 565 more words

Fall Tissue Paper Crafts

This has been a weird summer. I hate the heat so I am not complaining, but there haven’t been many hot days. We have had quite a few rainy ones lately.. 507 more words


Reasoning With A Toddler

Mai has gotten to an age where not only is she able to communicate with us better, she has a better grasp on what we are saying. 650 more words


Man Stuff #1

So, I had pretty good weekend.  And it began with a little backyard fire with a soon-to-be two year old. 9 more words

Man Stuff