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The Demand to be Better Every Day

Photo: Ursa Minor at around 6ish months old. He has a smile that can light up the world. With that smile, that brain, and those curls… he will either save the world or destroy it. 1,448 more words


Pottys, Toy Lobbing and Chatting!

It seems we have now moved into our first test as parents of a toddler. Touch wood Jack is not a biter, he doesn’t hit other children, he doesn’t take toys off others and sadly if another child takes a toy off of him then he just stands there looking forlorn (don’t even get me started on the absent parents who allow this to happen!). 774 more words

The beginning...

We knew Levi wasn’t exactly where “he should be” when we went for his 18 month checkup and he was only saying 4-5 words. Our pediatrician was optimistic and said, “Oh well, he’ll probably be closer to 2 when he starts talking.”  Well, 24 months came and went and, unfortunately, there had been little progress. 443 more words


Six Months of Twos and Threes: A Retrospective

Wow! Six months ago I woke up and decided I’d start this blog. Well I actually formulated the plan and title in my head as I was falling asleep the night before. 899 more words


Terrible twos times two

“Time flies when you’re having fun” or so the saying goes. I think having two children and a full time job also helps the time to speed by! 264 more words


December 2013

Well, after that big blog announcement, I’m back to trying to catch up on our pictures. I figure it might be nice to be caught up when the new baby arrives! 242 more words


Shower Time Bliss?

Normally I take Jack into the bathroom with me when I take a shower, he runs about while I sing Row Row Row Your Boat and I try and get showered as quickly as possible before he loses interest and starts tearing the place apart. 389 more words