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Put a fork in me...

I’m done. 

What a week! Started a new job, got my ‘visitor’ in full force, never had enough time in any day, felt like total crap, couldn’t communicate properly with anybody, wanted to break down in tears just about every five minutes, dealt with my screaming, crying, demanding, belligerent, throwing, biting two year old…need I go on?!?!? 19 more words

Just Mommy

Day One Hundred Fifteen


Today I was poked in the eye by a two-year-old. She walked right up to me and put her finger in my eye. It was like she was trying to see if the blue in my eyes was water or something… As I wheeled in pain, she giggled. 596 more words


Home Spun Fun: Cardboard Post Office

Oh the joys of having a massive cardboard box around! It is reason enough to buy a big piece of furniture: the cardboard loot is a payoff all its own. 81 more words

Babies & Mommas

Little Miss No-It-All

One of the things that scared me when I found out that we were having a little girl was the fact that she would eventually grow into a teenage girl. 523 more words


Macaroni & Cheese Bites With Ham

Being a working mom, it is hard to be away from my daughter all day. It is a struggle for me to walk out that door every morning. 410 more words


Nature Painting

Summertime is a fun time for a toddler. It is a fun time for mommy & daddy as well. My daughter loves the outdoors. Just being outside makes her smile. 301 more words


10 Short Takes ... on Annie

  1. Annie is my youngest daughter.  She is a sturdy two-year-old with hair like corn silk and deep brown eyes fringed with long dark lashes.
  2. I named Annie after 
  3. 456 more words