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What Puzzles Have Taught My Toddler & Me

I think most mothers can agree that they feel a sense of pride when someone compliments them on their child, whether it is how cute they are, or well behaved, sweet or intelligent. 348 more words


The World at Two, Monchique, July 2014

One afternoon at university in London in 1989 I sat with three other students drinking a pint of Stella lager and smoking Bensons in a beer-soaked, nicotine-stained SOAS student union bar. 747 more words

Westyn | Arkansas Children's photographer

Pretty little Westyn loves bracelets and dressing up.  She was the sweetest little thing!

Arkansas Children Photographer

Home Spun Fun: Toy Bath

How do you keep a toddler entertained while you need to get some stuff done in the kitchen?

Set up a toy bath station, that’s how. 64 more words

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Disciplining My Toddler?

Age 2… it can be a fun time; watching your little one learn, expanding their vocabulary & watching their personalities come out. These things are wonderful, but then there is a difficult more frustrating aspect to this age. 467 more words


Put a fork in me...

I’m done. 

What a week! Started a new job, got my ‘visitor’ in full force, never had enough time in any day, felt like total crap, couldn’t communicate properly with anybody, wanted to break down in tears just about every five minutes, dealt with my screaming, crying, demanding, belligerent, throwing, biting two year old…need I go on?!?!? 19 more words

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Day One Hundred Fifteen


Today I was poked in the eye by a two-year-old. She walked right up to me and put her finger in my eye. It was like she was trying to see if the blue in my eyes was water or something… As I wheeled in pain, she giggled. 596 more words