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Mini Pumpkin Pies!

Ms. Angela’s class is talking about fall foods this week.  This morning they made mini pumpkin pies.  Yum!

Two Year Olds

Hanging Out With Ricky

I got to hang out with this cool kid this week. Ricky, his brother, and his mom and dad, lost their home and have been spending the last few months in a motel room. 442 more words


The Two Year Old Impressionist sings Led Zeppelin!

Yes she’s three but when I recorded this she was still two. So if you’re sick of all the remasters, reunions and otherwise really well produced Led Zeppelin materials. 8 more words


The Angelic Brat

This poem is about my ex-neighbor’s  at that time two year old daughter. It’s been almost five years since they’ve moved away but there hasn’t been a moment where we’ve never talked about this adorable little girl with tiny fists pounding on our doors and wanting to see and talk to each and every person.  277 more words

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In one afternoon last week Frieda threw a tantrum because I helped her open the fruit bar she couldn’t open herself. She threw a tantrum because I tried to help her eat her chocolate ice cream. 266 more words

Stay At Home Dad

Important Lessons I Learned From a Two-Year-Old

1. The only person you need to please is yourself.
2. If people haven’t done what you want them to it’s because you haven’t been demanding enough. 77 more words