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The Two's: Ya Can't Win Em All

2 year olds are a strange people. There’s just no denying that fact. I could go into all the ways this is true, but we’d be here all day, and you most likely already know anyway. 1,354 more words


Toasted Coconut Berry Brownies for the days you're put through the wringer

And oh was today one of those days.

Terrible twos are fast approaching us in our household, and while I’d like to think that my sweet, precious baby boy mostly has good days…today was definitely not one of them. 383 more words


TV, screen time, and the preschool mind

Ninja Turtles are on the rise! Here comes Spiderman! Rah!! But I’m Princess Jasmine!

“I’m gona chop your head off!”

I’ve been working with young children for over twenty years. 1,009 more words


i put him to bed two

we got back last night from our longest roadtrip ever:  18 days smeared over 3 states in a 1970’s camper with 4 kids.  sounds like a bad word problem.   275 more words


My Kids Don't Need Me

My kids don’t need me.

The Messenger, 2, started a new day care part-time two weeks ago. It was his first time in a group setting other than church. 1,145 more words


Sh*t Babygirl Says...

Conversations with babygirl have been way more interesting now that they aren’t one-sided and by interesting I mean most of the time I’m left open-mouthed and confused faced. 246 more words

The Motherhood

Ondersoekpakket vir tweejarige kinders

Ondersoekpakket vir tweejarige kinders. 

Daar is net geen moontlikheid om ‘n enkele ondersoekplan te ontwerp wat vir alle jong kinders toepaslik gaan wees nie.  As ‘n mens egter bevoorreg genoeg is om ‘n groot aantal kinders van om en by twee jaar as kliënte te ontmoet, werk jy naderhand ‘n soort “aanvangsplan” uit.  424 more words