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The look..

We co-sleep with M.  I am not ashamed.  I just hate that I always feel like I have to justify it every time someone finds out about it.  475 more words


Family Days

Haha. I’ve been meaning to blog about our February outing since, well, February. Time flies when things just keep coming your way.

Jude had needed new shoes, and after spending money on cheaper shoes at box stores, we decided to go back to StrideRite. 184 more words


Back to the bottle...

For the past month, M has been drinking out of a bottle again.

She WANTS her bottle again.  It’s so wierd.

She’ll even request it.  She’ll say, “Milk, in a bottle.. 163 more words


Following through..

For awhile, we had been relying on empty threats when it comes to discplining M.

If you don’t stop that, I’m going to turn off the TV!” 239 more words


Frozen overload...

Frozen has been on DVD for about two weeks or so.

Since it’s been in our possession, I’ve watched it at least once a day.  There was that one fateful day that we didn’t go anywhere or do anything, so we watched it three times… in a row! 129 more words


Turning Two

Henrie turned two yesterday.  She’s a great fan of the feline species, so we decided to throw her a kitty-themed birthday party.  Pulling this off in less than 24 hours was a bit stressful, but with some help, we were able to pull it off.  1,442 more words


M has just hit the “over two and half” age mark and suddenly she’s big whiner.

When she hears something she doesn’t like, she’s either on the floor crying, or she’s whining and saying, “no” repeatedly.. 281 more words