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The "What's That?" & "Why?" Phase

Every evening at around 8 o’clock, a familiar routine occurs. I give my daughter a bath, we brush our teeth, change into jammies and then read bedtime stories. 487 more words


Reese At Two Years And 8 Months

Reese will be three in November. We are in the midst of the terrible twos. I agree that two can be terrible, but it can also be hilarious and fun. 518 more words


The Monkey Attack - Two Years on ANM

If you know me in real life, you’ve likely heard (and stopped in stunned confusion at) my traditional birthday wishes:

Happy, happy birthday,
from all of us to you!
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Baby's Birthday Thursday

Again I apologize this is a day late, but I was trying to cope with my knee & yesterday was my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  So we had visitors throughout the day and I was in bed by 9:30…  But here is a great recipe to makeup for it!!! 203 more words

Things that Maggie Says

This is mostly for myself… A way to remember the adorableness that spills from my baby girl.

Here are my top five favourite Maggie-isms of the moment. 41 more words


Oakley is TWO & perfectly perfect

How Old: TWO years old on July 2 {pure insanity}

Height & Weight: 37 1/2 (95%) & 27.5 lbs (40%)

Teeth: he now has all his baby teeth, except his two year molars… 470 more words

OC Fair

There are no words to express how much Jacob loves these girls! My cousin Charlotte and her cousin Bella. They are so good with him, and it couldn’t get enough of the trio!

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