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Tea parties are Sienna’s current favourite pass time. Aunty Katy bought her a pretty Emma Bridgewater melamine tea set for her birthday and she just loves it. 429 more words


I am a couple days late for this update, but you know, sick kiddos and stuff will certainly make you lose track of time… and days! 616 more words

Two years later...

Hey sweetie, you know it’s been about two years since I found out I was pregnant with you. I remember feeling so lost and confused. I was fighting with Chris over what to do and trying to figure out if I should tell my parents. 192 more words

Two years!

Today is the second year of my wordpress acount! Sinai’s blog’s one year mark was also a week ago! (The first post was on 03 April 2013)


Heartbleed Bug



“The Heartbleed bug takes advantage of a bug in OpenSSL which allows any normal user to read information stored in memory without any additional privileges on the server. 31 more words


Two Years

The passage of time
reflected in the buildings, streets and faces.
Enough time to embrace them
warts and all.
Enough time to love
the people… 6 more words