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Prusik hitch

The prusik hitch is the friction hitch that every rope guerrilla should know.  It’s tied with a loop of accessory cord and serves as a “soft” rope grab, gripping when under tension but able to slide when the load is released.   103 more words

Rope Guerrilla


tying her shoestring

all alone for the first time—

her trembling fingers


In response to: Coffee war “what else” - in defence of Nespresso

The case deals with several concepts that are often debatable within competition policy. Most significant for the case at this point, is the revoke of European Patent Office of Nestle’s patent for the function of the food processing giant’s coffee brand Nespresso. 617 more words


Streamer Theory

Ok, here goes my best attempt at this. There are certain things that make a good streamer good. In my mind, there are three types of streamers. 705 more words

Fly Fishing

Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon

This is an awesome streamer, created by the most popular streamer tier in the country. There are no traditional, delicate wings here. This fly is a chunk of meat that moves water and fish. 1,140 more words

Fly Fishing

Tie It All Together

Scarves these days do more than just keep your neck toasty! In fact, scarves have become the ultimate accessory. Neckwear can tie a look together while drawing attention to your face! 311 more words