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Tyler Florence's Simple Chili Cheese Dogs with NO Canned Chili

We are slowly re-entering life.  After the week of family togetherness for calling hours, the funeral, eating out every meal and being in hotels we had a case of the plague go through our house.  454 more words


Death of a Cookbook

Remember when a cookbook meant a lot to a family?  It was something to be passed down generation-to-generation because it contained the secrets to some of our best recipes and was the Holy Grail of inspiration.   391 more words

Recipes & Cooking

California Crush (Custom Blended Red) by Tyler Florence (4 out of 5)



I feel like I’m reviewing a fucking book instead of a bottle of wine. Why do the famous chefs who endorse or harvest their own line of wines have to write “by (blah blah blah)” on the label. 785 more words

Tempt Your Baby's Taste Buds

My husband and I like to go on “mini dates” to Chapters.  After we order our drinks from Starbucks we start wandering around, looking at the various books in the hopes that we’ll find something interesting.   341 more words


Sexually Harassing Tyler Florence

Some men just deserve to be sexually harassed. If you are a total beefcake who cooks like an angel, I will objectify you. Sorry Tyler Florence, you’re at the top of my list. 257 more words

Just Kidding

Celebrations at Wayfare Tavern

Kyoko’s Palate

Tyler Florence’s Wayfare Tavern is located in the heart of the financial district of San Francisco. The restaurant has an edgy boldness to it, which makes it fitting for its location. 1,384 more words

San Francisco

Beefing Up Dinner with Beef Stroganoff over Buttered Noodles

There are some recipes that are classics that seem to get lost in the shuffle these days and you just do not see them around very often. 557 more words