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Type system — a job for Sisyphus

Motivated by Nimrod I changed my C#-like model to C++-like one (the desire of fast execution also played role, watch fascinating lecture “Modern C++: What You Need to Know… 229 more words

Skila Workbench

Guest Post: "Haskell gets static typing right", Andres Löh

This is a guest post from Andres Löh, a long-time functional programming enthusiast. He started using Haskell in 1997 while being an undergraduate studying mathematics. He obtained his PhD on datatype-generic programming using Haskell from Utrecht University in 2004. 1,815 more words


Orthogonality1: Containers and functions, and the question of datatypes.

A pure function transforms data into other data statelessly

A container, such as an array or hash, stores data…statefully , but what you get back is what you put in … no transformation takes place. 353 more words

Programming Language Design

The age of type inference

Main stream languages have been continuously adopting good ideas from functional programming. Java and C# has gradually added programming constructs such as garbage collection, parametric polymorphism, lambda expressions and closures. 289 more words

The guilt of impurity

ML is guilty of impurity, so it can’t escape from a restriction. In other words, the presence of mutable ref cells and parametric polymorphism in ML requires the language to be controlled by the… 214 more words