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Prejudice and Possibility

Some Morning Typewritten Words before I head out to my gigs today.


Deal 96 Preview

This is a four card juxtaposition: Shark Attack and Past Experience compared to Typewriter and Understanding.


Self love.

I’ve always needed fresh paper to start new chapters.
For endings,
For beginnings.
I’m not that unpredictable though,
I keep my constant clear and alive, myself, 99 more words

Fresh Brushes and Fine Flesh

A poem about my rediscovery that I could type on full pieces of paper and not just on little squares perfect for Instagram. Some words on Inspiration and excitement as I prepare for a gig at a curated art gallery opening at Uncle Junebug’s General store Saturday 11/22/14 39 Market St. Asheville. At 7pm


Ode to the Underwood and its ilk

(This image is a screen grab of my poem typed in Tom Hanks’ app called “Hanx Writer.” I recommend this app to anyone who wants to hear the sound that used to be so common, no one, even for a moment, thought the clack, clack, clacking would ever fade away.) 55 more words



Hi guys!
It’s FRIDAYY!!! <3 What are your plans for tonight?
I’ve to go to a family dinner. So, no party. Though I’m not a party girl. 505 more words