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Sunday Social Club 19/10/14

Well it seems I’ve really screwed the pooch, so to speak. Midterms week is over and I’ve seemed to at least fail one exam miserably. I chose not to let it get me down though, there are worse things that can happen, and have happened to me and a terrible mark is nothing to shake a fist at. 258 more words


Designer channels Frankenstein: Creates Comic Sans typewriter to jar document designers

I’m going to put books on hold and talk about the typeface a second, specifically Comic Sans.

On Sunday, Oct. 19, a fellow member of… 387 more words


Expectation: Distraction-free writing.

Reality: Writer’s block → Facebook → “Ooh I love that shirt!” → Online shopping → “I wonder what ‘real’ people think of that product.” → Youtube review videos … and it never ends. 298 more words



Her sorrow, 

for me, was

like the rain.

Everyone loves 

the warmth of 

the sun

but I was always

in love 

with the idea

that the universe,

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glorified as eclectic typographers

Did we mention that Barrie wrote a book? Loukas Karnis has featured it on Typorn, a site for the Glorification of Eclectic Typography: Barrie Tullett’s ten things you should know about Typewriter Art… 113 more words


Mornings at the Typewriter: Writer's Block

Though I have never actually used a typewriter to write before (they are certainly romanticized given how often people mis-spell things, like myself and can’t change it easily), I have taken it upon myself to create a new series in which I will be discussing how to overcome certain obstacles in writing. 882 more words