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What a conundrum.

I don’t know if it’s just recently or if I now have eight hours of monotonous factory work to ponder these things, but I’ve been feeling like I am, in whole, the sum of every opposite I have ever felt attached to. 177 more words

"The Shining" Downloadable Halloween Movie Night Invitation!

Halloween Invite!

Are you thinking about having a halloween party this year? I have always LOVED the idea of having a halloween film night, although I don’t like scary movies, I find the fear diminishes almost entirely when you are surrounded by your friends and plenty of moonshine! 80 more words


Pictures and Words 02: Beautiful Tools

This is my favorite writing instrument and it is responsible for hundreds of thousands of words – and some of them are good, I swear! 388 more words



I stare at the computer screen

The cursor blinking, blindly back at me

Words won’t write themselves

Thoughts just cloud and scurry

Like the dust on the window sill… 264 more words



Last week I went to the Southworks Antique Market. There are always so many fun things to look at.  Here are a few things that caught my eye. 55 more words

Incredibly Interesting Stuff About 15 English Words

According to Mental_floss -

Let’s face it, some words are a lot more interesting than others. But then again, some words are secretly interesting—they might seem straightforward on the surface, but hidden behind them is some remarkable quirk or bizarre piece of trivia that sets them apart. 27 more words