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Magick, Acausality and Technique (ARH)

‚ÄúThat which is intra-psychic is like unto that which is extra-psychic, and that which is extra-psychic is like unto that which is intra-psychic, to the performance of the miracles of One Thing.” Roland Rock, M.D. 2,653 more words


Mythic Monday: Mermaids and Ondines

The mythology of Pisces hails from ancient Syria in the form of the mermaid goddess Atargatis, also known as the goddess of love and fertility. She is the Goddess of the Sea, akin to the later Greek Aphrodite and Roman Venus. 299 more words

Mythic Monday

iamamiwhoami - "hunting for pearls"

New iamamiwhoami today, a few days later than I was expecting based on my last post, but maybe I’m still washed up. But I was also right to anticipate more water this time… Pisces, etc. 333 more words