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How to install Typo3 in WAMP

Installing typo3 on your localhost is easy. First download the latest version of typo3 from typo3.org

Extract the zip or  tar file in root directory of your wamp. 100 more words

How To Install Typo3

Internet Explorer 11 is not recognized by rte htmlarea

Since the Release of Microsoft IE 11 there is no “MSIE” hint in
its user agent header anymore. Therefore the existing patterns
fail and the browser is detected as unknown browser. 74 more words


Typo3 RTE editor disappear in Internet Explorer 11

Recently, the Microsoft Internet Explorer in version 11 is available. In this version it is possible that you the rich text editor is not displayed anymore in TYPO3.This problem can be fixed by turning on Compatibility View for all website. 76 more words


Rich Text Box in Typo3 Fluid.

1. download the code form. http://forge.typo3.org/attachments/3579/RteViewHelper.php

2. Go to typo3conf/ext/yourextensionname/Resources/Private/Templates/ViewFoldername/htmlfilename.html

3. Add the {namespace vh=Tx_Registration_ViewHelpers} at the 1st line of the html.

4. ADD the line For Rich Text Editor. 16 more words


Maps Web Application: Visual representation of Ida members


For the Maps Web Application I was tasked with creating a system that could show the location and contact information of all the registered users from the Ida Institute’s website. 1,029 more words


Language detection

1) For rlmp_language_detection follow the below steps.

1. download for the repository and install. http://typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/rlmp_language_detection

2. Add following typoscript

plugin.tx_rlmplanguagedetection_pi1 {

defaultLang = de
useOneTreeMethod = 1… 88 more words


Marketing has inherited the web, but doesn't know what to do with it

The interview series of CMS experts continues. In the following interview Janus Boye, the founder of CMS Expert Group Europe, talks about the history, present and future of CMSs. 818 more words

CMS Selection