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The colorpicker wizard allows you to select a HTML color value from a user-friendly pop-up box. The wizard type is “colorbox” which will first of all add a colored box next to an input field. 57 more words


How to call function or php file from TCA file

This is code from tca file for one of the field.

‘EventType’ => array (
‘exclude’ => 0,
‘label’ => ‘Eventtype’,
‘config’ => array ( 143 more words


How to crop string in typo3 extbase and pi base

Following function will crop a string and also append three dots to string.


$char variable indicates the length.
$stringsvariable indicates the string.

For Example : … 163 more words


How do I remove p tags in typo3 RTE text content elements

Many of user want to remove extra p tag which are generate automatically by TYPO3.

Following script will definitely helping you.

tt_content.stdWrap.dataWrap >
lib.parseFunc_RTE.nonTypoTagStdWrap.encapsLines >
… 52 more words

How to getting rid of extra markup in TYPO3

TYPO3 generate extra HTML code while we display conetent from content element.

For example:
if you put content elements on a TYPO3 page then by default the source code looks like following… 221 more words


How to remove tags in typo3 RTE text content elements?

// Remove Class Of

lib.parseFunc_RTE.nonTypoTagStdWrap.encapsLines.addAttributes.P.class =

// Remove P tag put these lines in setup Typoscript

tt_content.stdWrap.innerWrap >
lib.parseFunc_RTE.nonTypoTagStdWrap.encapsLines >

//Remove Extra Figure Tag of Image… 10 more words