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How to set/get session in typo3 extbase

For setting session in typo3 you have to set session key with value.

For example:
Setting Session value:

$GLOBALS['TSFE']->fe_user->setKey('ses','isUserLoggedin', '1');

Getting Session value:


ZipArchive is not working in Extbase + typo3

When we create a new zips “$zip = new ZipArchive();”

However, we get always the following error message:

Fatal error: Class ‘TYPO3 \ .. \ Domain \ Repository \ ZipArchive’ not found in … / Classes / Domain / Repository / XXXRepository.php on line 143. 55 more words


Typolink in Extbase

In order to crate a link in your pi-based extension , You will be using

tslib_cObj::typoLink or using $this->cObj->typoLink( function.

When using extbase, there is no… 87 more words


TYPO3 6.2 Error - #1319455097: Error while fetching permissions for...

After upgrading TYPO3 to LTS version 6.2, I got following error on the TYPO3 Backend :

Uncaught TYPO3 Exception
#1319455097: Error while fetching permissions for (More information) 257 more words


How to image store in tt_content or sys_file_reference table + TYPO3.

If you want to use images field in custom plugin then you have to use following code.

This image will take it from sys_file table. this will be store in tt_content field. 219 more words


How to image upload in extension of typo3 6.2 version + Drag n drop image functionality in extension of typo3 6.2

Its very useful functionality for upload all images from system directory

Drag n drop image functionality also available in flexform of typo3 6.2

You can have to add following configuration in your image field. 185 more words


How to use tt_content fields in custom plugin of TYPO3.

How to add new field in custom plugin option

Its very important and useful for add tt_content field in custom plugin option or in normal content element area. 258 more words