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Manhole Monday: details

It’s Monday! Which means my post today is featured around manhole covers. I love receiving pictures from people as they notice interesting covers. It’s part “hey, that’s cool!” and part “hey, it’s not just me that’s noticing!”. 187 more words


throwback thursday: graffitiweek: the holy grail

This post was originally published on July 20, 2012:

Graffiti ultimately wins out over proper art because it becomes part of your city, it’ s a tool; “I’ll meet you in that pub, you know, the one opposite that wall with a picture of a monkey holding a chainsaw”.

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Manhole Monday: European covers

Happy Manhole Monday! Today I’m coming at you with two European covers. Big thanks to Alex Cooper and Mårten Thavenius for sharing their pictures. It’s so comforting to know that I’m not the only one on the lookout for interesting covers. 99 more words


theater week ends in boulder

I’m closing out “theater week” with this awesome shot taken by Kathryn Van Aernum in Boulder, CO.

Via bouldertheater.com: The historic Boulder Theater opened in 1906 as Curran Opera House by wealthy billboard sign owner James Curran, the venue featured opera, musical productions and silent movies. 239 more words


a celebration of normalcy

It’s always comforting when I come across pictures that other people have taken of cemeteries. Somewhere in the back of my head a little voice shouts “See! 497 more words


Manhole Monday: the circle and the square

Happy Manhole Monday! Today’s pairing are two drains from two different parts of the world. Big thanks to Jim Slagle and Mårten Thavenius for sharing their pictures. 75 more words


wounds and sores

Pictures like this blow my mind. Big thanks to Russell Light for sharing this awesome picture taken from the side of a house (!) in Bloomsbury London. 9 more words