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Typographic Systems: RANDOM SYSTEM


This is an example of a random system from unknown artist. This person used a lot of type design, it seems like it is written by hand. 51 more words


Typographic Systems: BILATERAL SYSTEM


I found this poster from someone else blog but there were no name was assigned. I choose this art work for as an example of bilateral system; it’s because I think this system is the most easiest system to do and most common. 10 more words


Typographic Systems: TRANSITIONAL SYSTEM


This is a Transitional  System, Designed by, Michael Strassburger.  Really interesting pieces of art work it is.  It seems like that he want it to gave the attention to title only and they other staffs are in low key. 38 more words


Typographic Systems: Dilatational System


This poster was created by Domenic Lippa for issue 15 of circular magazine. It is a dilatational system. The design of this poster is really simple and easy to read, compare to other dilatational poster design, where my eyes get tired of reading the texts. 36 more words


Typograhic Systems: RADIAL SYSTEM


This composition demonstrates the use of a radial grid system from ‘Typographic Systems of Design’.

Radial system is been used effectively to convey the message for their users. 67 more words


Sounds Like A Challenge...

I can heartily commend a visit to the site www.archive.org, a US maintained archive of…of just about anything and anything identified as being out of copyright.   181 more words