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Water towers, northeast Portland

Two large water towers can be seen off Willamette and North Mohawk in Northeast Portland. (October 2014)

A larger water tower stands above the Interstate Firehouse Culture Center in northeast Portland (October 2014). 143 more words


Cement kiln, southeast Portland

Shot in October 2014.

The Lehigh Northwest Cement Co. is located near the large railroad yard in the industrial area of southeast Portland. I always have liked living near railroad yards. 56 more words


Analogism: an ontology visualized

Descola’s ontology illustrated

Analogism can be seen as a hermeneutic dream of completeness and totalization which proceeds from a dissatisfaction: admitting that all the components of the world are separated by tiny discontinuities, it entertains the hope of weaving these weakly differentiated elements in a canvas of affinities and attractions which has all the appearances of continuity.

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Explanation of my header photo

Hello to all my readers,

First, if you have kept up with me (and I am so thankful for all of you who do), you have noticed that I have put up a header photo for this blog. 844 more words


Typologies. . . Jacob and Esau

This is a repost of a Facebook status I made a while ago, but with a few add-ons. Still, this is some good revelation and its worth having in your 

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