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President Obama's Ego Targets Democrats Trying To Gain Distance....

For those wondering how President Obama’s ego could handle the scope of Democrat candidates who are trying to distance themselves from him and his consequential policies, the answer has been found. 82 more words

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Now this is a really bad case of whats called cutting of your nose to spite your face ... lol

Liberal feminists who are in no small part responsible for creating the hook-up culture to begin with, are now hilariously demanding that they be protected by complicated sexual consent rules

Do you ever read an article by someone and think, “MAN I wish I had written that!”  That’s how I felt when I read Heather Mac Donald’s…

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Most men quickly learn after being with women that they, they man, are never right when dealing with a woman no matter what they do or say ... lol

Steve Fraser: The Politics of Debt in America: From Debtor's Prison to Debtor Nation

Debt is driving this system of auto-cannibalism which, by every measure of social wellbeing, is relentlessly turning a developed country into an underdeveloped one.

By Steve Fraser  

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Corporate Empire

White House Deletes Petition to Stop Ebola

Americans can only petition their government if they follow “terms and conditions,” according to White House.

The White House recently deleted a petition demanding President Obama do more to stop the spread of Ebola in the U.S. 193 more words


TODAY: Feds crack down on ‘shoot a drone’ gatherings

A new twist on skeet shooting –  using drones for target practice – has authorities turning up at some firing ranges to stop the practice. The Feds say the gatherings are illegal. 166 more words


Dismantlement of the United States Post Office Continues

From my friend Jamie Partirdge, whom I will mention on my post about the Conference today, as soon as I can get around to it. 304 more words

U.S. Constitution

Georgia School Board Unanimously Votes to Remove Scripture From Sculpture

DANIELSVILLE, Ga. — A school board in Georgia has voted unanimously to remove two Scriptures from a sculpture that sits outside of the field house at a local high school after a prominent humanist and atheist organization asserted that the use of the verses violated the U.S. 184 more words

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