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Pay attention, damn it

Here is a great little experiment on how to be more convincing in communication or more effective. 38 more words


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In the military its the command presence!

What Hagel’s Exit Means

By Colonel Kenneth Allard (U.S. Army, Ret) ~

It took almost 40 years but the VietCong finally nailed Chuck Hagel, the only Vietnam enlistee to serve as Secretary of Defense. 853 more words

Public Opinion

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Hagel just like I am is a Vietnam vet and unlike Kerry and others I think he has more integrity then the rest of the administration. It's my understanding that the split was because Bowe Bergdahl was traded for 5 Taliban commanders. What Bergdahl did is not accepted in the military.

The drawing power of humility

The drawing power of humility
Proverbs 18
"Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor" (v.12)

In 1 Peter 3:15 we read: "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you … But do this with gentleness and respect." Real Christian witness always has a gracious gentleness about it which is far more effective than the aggressive approach which tries to ram the Gospel down people’s throats. 301 more words

1st Amendment

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Speak softly and politely when possible but when faced with mortal danger carry that big stick or AR-15 just in case!

Secede ... one law at a time?

Dan Flynn appears to be one of a growing number of Texans with rocks in his noggin.

The Republican state representative wants to form a committee that decides which federal laws can be followed in Texas and which can be ignored. 183 more words

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Well ain't we something--we have devoted ourselves to the welfare state

I live in a conservative central Texas congressional district.  Our congressman, is Mike Conaway, now entering his 11th year, is an accountant who was an associate of W when he lived in Midland.   478 more words


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Its RINO's like this that have turned the GOP into a Progressive light party and that is also why the Tea Party formed! The are two kings of Progressives the Democrat Progressives and the republican progressives the only difference between them is the the Democrat progressives are honest over who they are! Both kinds of progressives are selling the country out to acquire personal wealth and NONE of them really give a damn about the common man/woman!

Thanks, But...

By Alan Caruba ~

I know that Thanksgiving is the day we are all supposed to review a list of all the things for which we should be thankful and surely each of us has a list, usually family and friends, and, patriotically, for being Americans. 818 more words

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The brewing civil war between the Democratic Party and Barack Obama

 Much has been written in the mainstream media over the last several years about the civil war in the Republican Party and it is not without merit. 428 more words


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Lets hope it continues!