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What do restaurants mean to cities? A lot, apparently.

This morning, my wife was driving me to work (because we now live in Texas and only have one car, and while I could take the bus it’s a little bit of a hassle — maybe when it gets a bit colder again) and when we got near downtown Fort Worth, we saw that an unique restaurant — … 686 more words

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Here's a pretty legitimate United States cost of living map (Honolulu, New York and San Jose are expensive)

From an article on CityLab about how cost-of-living really mostly means cost-of-your-rent:

This is based on RPP, or Regional Price Parity. That’s a weighted statistic that tracks the different price levels of things like food, housing, etc. 524 more words

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Brief thought exercise: how closely do you connect your self-worth to your job?

Been thinking about this for a few years now in various forms: essentially, how do you view work in the grand scheme of your overall life? 502 more words

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Your kids may be eating sand in their pizza at school

From Mother Jones and their visit to a school lunch conference:

While the exhibitors were eager to show off their products’ nutritional stats, few offered actual ingredients lists.

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The average parking space requires about the same amount of space as a studio apartment in New York City. Can Paris' idea buck this trend?

The United States spent about a century getting to the point where cars — and the ability to put cars somewhere near attractions — were more valuable than people themselves. 522 more words

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