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Kill 'Em All!

Just read this in an article at AmericanThinker.com … and it chills my bones:

America is in a generational struggle against the sick, pathological and extreme ideology of Islam, and America must show no mercy for the merciless Islamic State, which seeks the “breaking of the American cross” and the fulfillment of Islamic prophecy.

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Department Of Energy's Radioactive Waste Trains Have Nowhere To Go

ATLANTA (AP) — The U.S. government is looking for trains to haul radioactive waste from nuclear power plants to disposal sites. Too bad those trains have nowhere to go. 599 more words


Employ me, but please don't deploy me

To put it lightly, I need a job. Bad. If you’re interested, please know that I’m a hard worker who likes to get to know people one-on-one and actively improve an organization. 544 more words


Criminally Insane Experiments Of The US Military

The experiments of the US military (and other power structures) should make it clear that the world is being run by completely psychopathic individuals. The shocking 9 minute historical video below should be an extremely sobering wake up call for us all. 217 more words


We're in deep do-do

                                                                    ISIS’ FIGHTERS

                                                               OBAMA’S FIGHTERS


A Bleak Outlook for Afghanistan

Almost all Western writers who address the future of Afghanistan (post withdrawal) adopt the perspective of the West and discuss what developments could threaten their countries and how to limit or diminish this impact. 958 more words

U.S. Military

Obama sending White House aids to Michael Brown's funeral

Hey folks! And here we are again, starting another week of grand chaos and contempt for the American people, compliments of Barack Hussein Obama and company. 346 more words

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