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Why do some people have a lot more money than others? Sometimes its because they work really hard and they are very smart, sometimes its because someone who worked really hard and was really smart wanted them to have their money, and sometimes its because they are very very lucky. 736 more words

Just how do Americans see Cuba?

In this Op-Ed, Robyn J. Wapner (former senior policy advisor to the House of Representatives’ Committee on Foreign Affairs) says that nothing about U.S. relations with Cuba is simple, but she offers insights of the nuances examined in a recent Atlantic Council poll. 747 more words


Pentagon studies Putin body language for hint of intent

A Pentagon research team is studying the body movements of Russian President Vladimir Putin and other world leaders in order to better predict their actions and guide U.S. 397 more words


How Nuclear Talks Help the Mullahs Dominate the Middle East

  • Iran is seeking to create symmetry in its relations with the United States and to make clear that Iranian power – like American power – extends far beyond its…
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Scaling the Embargo Wall: Travel Teaches What Isolation Can’t

The night I visited the Hotel Nacional in Havana to see a Buena Vista Social Club concert, I remember laughing at my utterly erroneous and uninformed vision of Cuba before traveling there. 860 more words

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Latin America Skeptical of U.S. Immigration Debate

By Aaron Bell

Latin America’s subdued response to the immigration reform debate in the United States reflects a region-wide skepticism buttressed by the recent history of unfulfilled expectations.   470 more words